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Enter the Tatty Devine Lab

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Enter the Tatty Devine Lab

Enter the Tatty Devine laboratory and shrug on your white coat, it's time to discover experimental jewellery.

Join Creative Director Harriet Vine as we take a behind the scenes peek at elementary pieces from our NEW contemporary collection, She's Electric!

Thundering pearlescent grey storm clouds roll across the sky, as mirror acrylic lightning crackles in anticipation. Throw serious shade in the pearlescent Thunder Storm Cloud Statement Necklace.

Full steam ahead! Make a statement in the Cogs Necklace: glossy laser cut wheels are hand linked and suspended from a gleaming silver tone chain. The inspiration? "Robots! Definitely films such as Metropolis and Ex Machina, where mechanical women are created from robotics attributes, or at least are designed to take on feminine features and traits."

On the Science Experiment Necklace, miniature transparent beakers jostle in anticipation of impending projects. The finishing touch? Twinkling Swarovski crystals and a sparkling silver tone chain.

Shop colour pop Molecule Link Necklace, hand linked in tactile strands fit for any sassy scientist. "Science has been an ongoing fascination for me, we initially explored aspects of it back in A/W 2013 and this is a continuation of that. Last half term, I built a model of penicillin with my daughter and we were exploring the world of X-ray crystallography. It's just so fascinating!"

We're positive you'll love the Atom Necklace, it's precisely laser cut from graphite mirror acrylic and studded with pastel Swarovski crystals to mimic atoms. "When I look at this piece, it immediately makes me think of The Jetsons! This one gives such 50's, Tomorrow's World vibes."

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