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EU & Me: Crying for EU

December 17, 2020 - Alice Barnes
EU & Me: Crying for EU
On 31st December the UK will leave the European Union, and we're feeling pretty sad about it. We just cannot believe it’s really happening! If you are feeling just as heartbroken, join us in expressing how you feel, loud and clear with the latest editions to our EU & Me collection. We’re commemorating the end of an era with 4 new pieces of wearable protest art.

Tatty Devine just wouldn’t exist without the EU. Aside from essential grants, amazing customers and trade agreements we absolutely believe it's the EU we can all thank for making culture and the arts so much more accessible in the UK, with many galleries and museums able to offer free or subsidised entry thanks to EU funding. We are so proud to work with and collaborate with, so many of these cultural spaces and consider them a vital element to all of our work.

Lost for words? The Heart Broken for EU Pendant says it all, loud and clear. With just 11 stars etched and hand inked on this broken heart, there is an empty space where the UK once stood.

The Crying for EU Earrings are a mis-matched metaphor of how we are feeling. Catch us popping on a pair of these earrings and belting ‘Nothing Compares to EU’ this NYE.

Wish EU were here... More like wish we were there. The Crying for EU Necklace sums up how we feel about all things Brexit. Take a closer look and you’ll see ‘Crying for EU’ etched and hand inked on one of the teardrops.

Wear your heart on your sleeve with the Heart Broken for EU Brooch. Pin this brooch on your best beret for a truly European look.

Someone, pass us the tissues… We will REALLY miss you EU! Shop these latest additions online and in store as they sit somberly alongside our EU & Me collection.

Alice Barnes