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Faux Real For Real

March 27, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
Faux Real For Real

OMG! It’s time for like, totally cool newness, so adjust your butterfly hair grips and slick on another layer of Lip Smackers: it’s time to get Faux Real. For real… *snaps flip phone shut!*



We’ve never toed the line when it comes to traditional jewellery design and this collection is no different: we’ve pushed the boundaries to create sparkling 90’s style imitation crystal jewellery, laser cutting and layering words and symbols in micro glitter and mirror acrylic. OK! Yes! Love!



Give our Peace Sign Earrings and Necklace a chance. We’ve merged sparkling micro glitter and reflective mirror acrylic to recreate 90’s opulence, say it with us: you own everything! Best paired with the Two Hearts Necklace for super cute matchy-matchy vibes…



Enter the Pastel Yin Yang Necklace: swirls of laser-cut pastel pink and seafoam acrylic collide to recreate a calming yin yang sign.



It’s about to get high tech up in here... Move to the beat in our Cassette Player Necklace, fit for all the latest releases. It’s definitely in our top ten!



“We’ll call you back…” Field calls in the Flip Phone Necklace, perfect for staying in touch on the go, if you want and it’s even got a fly mini peace sign phone charm. Oooh, three messages!



Head down the video rental store and pick out the latest release, it’s our Video Tape Necklace! We’ve laser cut, etched and hand inked a miniature movie on an adjustable chain, fit for all you film buffs. Um, what’s Blu Ray?



We love this track! Don’t skip our totally up to date CD Earrings, Pendant and Statement Necklace, they’re like, so now! Now shhhh, we’re just in time for Top of the Pops!



Get your hands on the fanciest, modern technology and faux fancy sparkle online and in-store NOW!