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Gift Guide: Modern Witches with @mamamooncandles

October 20, 2023 - Alice Barnes
Gift Guide: Modern Witches with @mamamooncandles

Calling all witchy types! Say hello to Semra, eclectic witch, healer, the lady behind Mama Moon Candles and the face of our Gifts for Modern Witches guide! After a busy day of shooting, chatting star signs and finding our perfect candle scent, we sat down for a chat so you can get to know Semra a little better…

TD: Tell us a bit about yourself… 

S: I am an eclectic witch and I am the founder of Mama Moon Candles. I work with the power of scent and make magical candles, potions and incense. I geek out on how the power of scent in magic can be a powerful and transformative tool.

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TD: Describe yourself in five words.

S: Scorpio, cat-mum, loyal, empathetic, fun and sensitive. 

TD: So Semra, you modelled our Modern Witches Gift Guide category: how did wearing our Magic Pentacle Pendant make you feel?

S: I loved wearing ALL of the Tatty Devine witch pieces in the shoot, they completely sum up my kind magic. The way you can use the mystical symbols and have fun with them at the same time.

TD: Fave part of shoot day?

S: My favourite part of the shoot day was getting my hair and make-up done! I don’t think I have ever had my hair curled before. Loved it. I got so excited when I sat in the make-up chair and saw the mood board had Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush on it!!

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TD: Favourite piece you wore on shoot day?

S: My favourite piece was the Scorpio Name Necklace. It’s perfection.  I was very kindly allowed to take it home and been getting lots of compliments when I wear it. I also bought a new nail varnish to match it.

TD: What do you love most about all things magical?

S: Of all things magical, I love the moon. I am obsessed! The moon holds the power to remind us of transformation every month. Symbolising the cycles of life, death and rebirth every month. It connects us to our emotions, illuminates our shadows and is perfect to make magic with. I rarely sleep on a full moon, I usually dance around my flat all night imagining that she is a big disco ball in the sky!

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TD: What makes a good present to you?

S: A good present to me is something that is thoughtful or an “in" joke that only you and that person will get. It is always especially cute when you receive a gift that is a result of a passing comment you made and the gift giver has taken note at the time.

TD: Without giving too much away, which Tatty Devine piece would you gift to your BFF?

S: I hope she won’t see this, but she saw me wearing the Feminist Necklace and immediately said “I want one of those!” So I know exactly what to get her!

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Alice Barnes