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Go Red for The Eve Appeal

August 27, 2020 - Katie Vickers
Go Red for The Eve Appeal
As you know here at Team Tatty we are passionate about supporting amazing causes and raising awareness in the best possible way that we can. ❤️

This Gynae Cancer Awareness Month, we’re Going Red with The Eve Appeal for all the right reasons, to make sure that other women aren’t Going Red for the wrong ones, like abnormal bleeding. Did you know that abnormal bleeding is a key red flag symptom of three of the five gynae cancers- womb, cervical and vaginal?

Go Red Eve Appeal

Go Red is The Eve Appeal’s yearly community-led campaign that runs throughout the month of September, aiming to raise awareness of all five gynaecological cancers signs and symptoms whilst raising funds to continue its life saving research for the prevention and early diagnosis of these cancers.

So let's get to some of the facts... What is abnormal bleeding?! 🤷
-  Any bleeding after the menopause (12 months of having no periods); there is no such thing as an abnormal period. Period.
- Bleeding after sex; whether it is a little or lot, sex should not hurt or cause vaginal bleeding.
- Bleeding between your periods; More than spotting, get checked.
- Bleeding that is heavier than your normal; You need to know your normal to spot your abnormal.

What is Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding?

Now we've got that cleared up, it's also very important that every woman should know their own ‘normal’ and the aim is to be able to spot when things are not right and to never ignore it! So if this has hit a chord with you, we urge you to get bleeding checked! You can reach out to Ask Eve, which is The Eve Appeal's nurse-led information service.
So how is Tatty Devine getting involved? We hear ya!

Throughout the month of September we are donating 10% of all sales from our super Classic Glitter Heart Necklace, that’s £2 per necklace straight into the pockets of The Eve Appeal. Not only will you be the sweetest of sweethearts but you can help raise awareness of all the importances of Gynae health. Everyone’s a winner!

Go Red Eve Appeal

In addition you can join in and raise your own campaign to recognise the signs to help fight back against all 5 Gynaecological cancers. We’ll be Going Red on 11th September, so we invite you and your pals, family or colleagues to join us and share your pics wearing your new Glitter Heart Necklace with #GoRed and #MyTattyDevine.

Head on over to The Eve Appeal here, and find yourself a whole bunch of information and packs to help you and your crew raise awareness and money too.

Ready to make red the new black, and look amazing in the process? YES!

Don’t forget to share your stories and snaps with #MyTattyDevine #GynaeCancerAwarenessMonth and #GoRed