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Go Wild With WWF UK

April 25, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
The Wild Collection

Binoculars at the ready, The Wild Collection is quite the sight to behold! That’s right, we're proud to present our first ever collection laser-cut from 100% recycled acrylic, designed in London, laser cut in our Kent studio and yes, even the packaging is 100% recycled!



Join us as we explore frozen landscapes, lush treetops, and sun-baked plains, through fifteen covetable pieces of jewellery. Discover prowling leopards, soaring penguins, peaceful pandas and many more of WWF’s top adoptions, donating £3 per piece sold to their endangered species adoption programme.


“Animals are a constant source of inspiration for us. We hope this collection will contribute towards their survival and raise awareness of the threats faced by these species.” - Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine, co-founders of Tatty Devine



Way back in December last year, we were invited to WWF UK, so donned our best berets and headed over with our sketchbook... fast forward to April this year, our studio is a little on the loud side with a menagerie of fun and fierce friends. Warning: your wishlist may get longer in the next 5 minutes!



Peer through the undergrowth to discover fierce tiger stripes with the Wild Tiger Necklace and Brooch, delicately hand inked detailing on the Wild Orangutan Swing Necklace and glistening Swarovski crystal eyes on the Wild Leopard Brooch and Earrings.



Marvel at the Wild Diving Penguin Necklace and Brooch’s delicate colour pop flippers, and try to keep up with the Wild Sea Turtle Brooch, complete with a hand curved and etched shell. Work our peaceful Wild Panda Necklace, Brooch and Earrings, perfect for early mornings and late, late nights…



Watch out for the Wild Elephant Necklace, complete with glossy white acrylic tusks. Aww! Listen out for the Wild Snow Leopard Brooch and Necklace, complete with the cutest hand curved ears and intricate layers of acrylic. What’s that in the distance? Take your pick from the Wild Polar Bear Necklace, complete with the sweetest glossy black laser cut snoot. Boop!


Phew! Shop the 100% recycled acrylic Wild Collection here, check out our Sustainability Statement here and find out more about WWF UK’s adoptions here. Now, go wild!