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Harriet's New Hair

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Harriet's New Hair

Friends, curators and collectors: we're delighted to debut our fascinating new collection, Cabinet of Curiosities. Inspired by sprawling museum collections, assemblies of objects and the Aladdin's cave-like properties of vintage emporiums, we've recreated lustrous insects, precious gems and mystical trinkets fit for every collector.



Seeking the perfect location to photograph these limited edition pieces, we headed to Alfies Antiques Market over in Marylebone to catalogue each design amongst objects of desire.



Have we piqued your interest? Take a peek at the inspiration behind our AW22 collection and curious minds rejoice, we're popping up at legendary Alfies Antiques Market to celebrate our intriguing NEW Autumn Winter 2022 collection. Discover our very own Cabinet of Curiosities, featuring curios curated from friends, family and fellow artists and our limited edition twenty nine piece AW collection, on display until 17th September, 2022.



Hold your horses, fact fans - this isn't our first foray into the delights of Alfies. Throwback to 2011, where our Co-Founder and Creative Director, Harriet, headed to the basement for a new hair style. Sit back, relax and enjoy a trip down memory lane with Harriet's lilac and soft yellow 'do...


"On Saturday I made my way to the famous Nina's Hair Parlour in Alfies Antique Market. My hair has just been brown for too long - it was well overdue for a bit of a revamp.  If you haven't been to Nina's, get yourself down there: it really is a cute salon with loads of hair related curios, my favourite being the giant comb with a spirit level in for flat tops. Sami was my hair hero. He did magical things to my hair. I have had a bit of a phobia of hairdressers so he was the perfect cure, a real sweetie.


First he turned me into a bottle blond, then we went crazy with the colour: Sami masterfully went at my hair with three colours and painted them on, graduating down from yellow to mauve. This idea came after lusting after our stylist John's new hair:


Sami suggested I just get on and get it done and came up with this colour scheme. With all the tin foil stuck on it was rather Gaga but the magic was all happening inside. He put me under the drier and left me to cook with the Royal Wedding issue of Grazia, so I got to catch up on my royal gossip.  (There are pictures of the Queen everywhere in Nina's.)


I love my new hair! Thanks Sami and thanks Nina for the advice and having such a cool salon and such a good selection of hits playing. I almost can't wait until I get roots so I can go back."


Nina's Hair Parlour is no more but never fear, colour theory fanatics: have we got a treat for you! If you're down to DIY, try your hand at Harriet's rainbow hair tutorial and make sure to tag us in your selfies of the big reveal!

A 'do to dye for...