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May 15, 2018 - Amy Durrant

Our new Autumn Winter 2014 collection has arrived! Ever since Harriet first began sketching mysterious psychics and testing new Perspex colours, we knew we were in for a truly otherworldly collection. Fan favourite so far? The  Fortune Teller Statement Necklace:

Inspired by 1950s fortune tellers and mystic visions, a pair of marbled tortoiseshell hands grasp a glittering hand curved Perspex crystal ball. Hand inked golden rings, embellished with semi-precious stones and glittering Swarovski crystals adorn each finger. Miniature coin charms, exchanged for fortunes told, hang from golden chain bracelets. In Tatty Devine's world, even the jewellery wears jewellery!

Take a peek behind the scenes at our Kent studio and learn about the making of this new season statement piece now:

From the very beginning, Harriet knew she wanted our fortune teller's crystal ball to have the perfect curve. Over the years, we've developed a special technique of shaping acrylic by hand, so we grabbed our gloves and prepared to begin! First, each ball is laser cut from beautifully shiny clear Perspex, flecked with gold glitter that glints in the light.

The Perspex is carefully heated and gently hand curved around a real life crystal ball. There really is magic in every piece! It's delicate work, but our team of jewellery making experts are well practiced in making sure every single crystal ball is shaped to perfection.

Next, we curve every pair of marbled tortoiseshell Perspex hands into the right shape to clasp the crystal ball. When they're ready, each finger is adorned with glittering gem stones and golden coin charm jewellery. Using laser etching and hand inking, we create the illusion of clairvoyant's rings, complete with semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

Each  Fortune Teller Statement Necklace is part of a limited edition of just fifty. Yes, only fifty Tatty Devine fans will be able to add it to their collection! Here, Ayesha carefully attaches a numbered tag of authenticity to every single necklace, so you'll know exactly which number in the series it is.

Thanks for giving us a sneaky peek at the making process, Team Tatty Kent! Falling under the fortune teller's spell?  Shop Autumn Winter 2014 now.

Amy Durrant
Amy Durrant