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How it's Made: Dog On Wheels Necklace

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
How it's Made: Dog On Wheels Necklace

If there's one Tatty Devine creature that's impossible to resist, it's our dinky Dog On Wheels Necklace. The Dog on Wheels was originally designed as a brooch for indie band Belle and Sebastian, who popped into our Brick Lane store and asked if we would like to design a special piece of merchandise for them. Rosie and Harriet have always been inspired by Belle and Sebastian. When they first began making jewellery in their bedrooms, they would down tools and jump around the room when ‘The Boy with the Arab Strap’ came on the radio.

Rosie says, "It was an honour to create a piece of jewellery for one of our favourite bands. We always loved the song Dog on Wheels and it was the perfect starting point for a brooch."

Our new Dog on Wheels Necklace is a cute natural progression from the Belle and Sebastian brooch. Step into the Tatty Devine's Kent workshop and let our Production Manager Cody show you how this dandy Dachshund is made...

The miniature-sized sausage dog is lasercut from walnut wood and varnished for a smooth finish that begs to be stroked. We've redesigned the dog so it's a little bit smaller than the original, to add an extra touch of cuteness. Our talented team then attach bright red perspex wheels which move round and round, just like a real dog on wheels toy. Its face is carefully studded with a gleaming black Swarovski crystal eye to give the perfect quizzical canine expression and a gleaming golden stud allows its leather ear to move. A creamy white perspex bone is laser etched with the Tatty Devine logo and a golden jump ring lets it dangle jauntily from its mouth. Cody and the team then inspect each pooch, attach a bright golden chain and pamper and clean it with a cotton bud:

Woof! There you have it: our Dog on Wheels Necklace.

You'd have to be barking mad not to give this sweet sausage dog a home! Shop the Dog on Wheels Necklace now.