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How It's Made: Love Token Necklace

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
How It's Made: Love Token Necklace
Hello, lovebirds! Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for that special someone (or yourself)? Don't worry, treat them to our romantic new jewellery! From our precious Rob Ryan collection in sterling silver, gold and rose gold to cute new heart shaped Bunting Necklace and a miniature Wooden Lovespoon Necklace, we promise you'll find the perfect present. Join us as we take a peek inside our East London studio and discover the story behind our new Wooden Love Token Necklace. Harriet says: "I love sailors' pin cushions, or sweetheart cushions. Back in the Victorian era, lovesick and wounded sailors made them for their mothers and loved ones at home. They were usually heart shaped, made from velvet or felt and decorated with pins and glass beads. Some even have little silk pictures and embroidered text! Once, I saw a really beautiful old sailor's love token pin cushion on Camden Passage market, I asked how much it was and never got an answer so walked away.  I couldn't stop thinking about it so went back but it had gone! I really wanted to make a necklace that captured the essence of traditional pin cushions in miniature." The journey begins in our East London studio, where we laser cut the hearts from sustainably sourced walnut wood. Doesn't it look like the shapes left behind in dough when you cut out gingerbread? The protective film you can see in between the hearts stops the wood getting scratched or burnt when we're cutting the pieces. Before we landed on the idea of using gleaming ruby red Swarovski cabuchon crystals to embellish the heart, we created a sample using tiny glass beads and gold studs: Each heart is laser etched with a heartfelt message, dotted detailing and the classic outline of an anchor. Anchors have long been a symbol of hope and steadfastness, whilst simultaneously referencing this piece's nautical roots, so we knew it was perfect for our necklace.

Each heart is hand studded and embellished with golden studs and crimson cabuchons so it feels like precious sailor's treasure:

Perfect! Now all our beautiful love tokens need is a golden chain and they're ready to add a little romance into jewellery boxes across the seven seas.   Wear the Wooden Love Token Necklace as a nod to classic nautical style, or send it to the person your heart longs for as a symbol of your everlasting love. Who will you give yours to? Shop now.