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August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard

Want to learn how to make some beautiful flower arrangements to get you set for Spring? Well look no further.

On a sunny morning earlier this week, we received a couple of Bloom & Wild boxes through our Covent Garden letterbox - what a great idea! We decided to create some pretty displays to brighten up our store, but rather than just popping them all straight into a vase we decided to get a little crafty, and in a few easy steps you'll be able to do just the same.


What you'll need: Glass bottles and jars, a selection of blooms, water, scissors and a little bit of imagination.

Glass bottles - how to create simple flower displays.How to create simple flower displays

Step 1: Raid your kitchen cupboards or head to your local charity shop to find a selection of glass jars and bottles - the more mismatched the better. Most of ours didn't cost more than a pound each - bargain! Give them a quick clean and then fill them up with a little water.

Tatty Devine and Bloom and WildTatty Devine flower displays

Step 2: Spread out your flowers so you can see what you've got to work with. We love our pink and purple stems, but the possibilities are endless - think daffodils, wild flowers, roses, tulips -  anything that takes your fancy!

Tatty Devine flowersTatty Devine how-to guide

Step 3:  Now for the fun part! Start arranging your flowers, mixing between single stems and small bunches. Remove any leaves that sit below the water line to keep the arrangements looking awesome and the water fresh.

Tatty Devine simple flower displaysTatty Devine Decoupage Flower

Step 4: Now it's time to display your colourful flower arrangements around your home or office. Try grouping different height jars together, popping them in high shelves or lining them up along your windows. And there you have it! How blooming easy.

Tatty Devine Midsummer Blooms

Will you be having a go at making your own simple flower displays? Let us know by sharing your snaps on Twitter and Facebook tagged #tattydevine.

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