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Introducing our Halloween Cocktail... 🐸

October 11, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Introducing our Halloween Cocktail... 🐸

As dark nights draw in, we gather our velvet cloaks and skulk straight to The Escapologist in Covent Garden. A dimly lit den filled with the most bewitching cocktails in town, it’s just a hop, skip and a broomstick ride from our Seven Dials store. Inside, spot celestial scenes, watchful eyes and creepy crawlies pattern the walls. Take a look up - the cosmos is swirling above your head…


Once a private members' club, now a covert hangout for those in the know: this submerged speakeasy is Seven Dials' cult venue for secret rendezvous and undercover conversations. Oh, and their pizzas are pretty great too. Coven gatherings are hungry work, don't you know?! We teamed up with their best bar spook, Gracie, to create a Halloween cocktail just for us! So gather your ingredients and cast a concentration spell, as we get the low-down on our very own petrifying potion... 

Meet the Flaming Frogspawn: a sour-sweet concoction that's the pick of the pond! Here's everything you need to get your Worst Witch on:


1.25oz Midori

0.75oz Lemon Juice

1oz Pineapple Juice 

0.5oz Orange Juice

A dash of Gomme sugar syrup

0.5oz Grenadine float/drizzle

Passion Fruit "Frogspawn" 

1 Sugar Cube

0.25oz Overproof Rum


Add all of the ingredients except the Grenadine and passion fruit to a cocktail shaker, fill 3/4 with ice cubes and shake hard (to the rhythm of the Monster Mash!). Strain into a glass over crushed ice and pour the Grenadine slowly over the top - pour around the edge so you can see it dripping through the ice… Mmm, ghoulish! Halve the passion fruit, scoop out the "frogspawn" seeds and scatter on top of the cocktail. Place the empty half-shell on top, add the sugar cube and overproof rum and set on fire! Oh, steer clear of all synthetic materials and take care when getting your eternal flame on!

 Fancy sipping the Flaming Frogspawn* under star-studded ceilings? Head down to The Escapologist and bag this exclusive cocktail for just £5 - when you're wearing your very best Tatty Devine jewellery. You have until the end of November 2018, so get cracking... to reserve a table for you and your creepy crew, call 0207 240 5142 or drop an email over to Cheers!

*Emerald Frog Necklace not included in cocktail.