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Knowledge is Power: Meet Deborah Coughlin

March 27, 2020 - Lucy Fernandez
Knowledge is Power: Meet Deborah Coughlin

“History didn’t listen to women, but that never stopped them from speaking out…” 


We’re reminiscing over POW! Thanet when the inspirational Deborah Coughlin sat down with Amy Zing to discuss OUTSPOKEN, 50 Speeches By Incredible Women. Deborah is the author of said brilliant book which she was compelled to write when she realised how few soundbites from women were known, quoted or taught. The book covers 50 speeches by Incredible women, from Oprah Winfrey to Greta Thunberg.

Deborah joined us on International Women's Day (our favourite day of the year) and shared one of her favourite speeches by the self described 'Black, Lesbian, Mother, warrior, poet" Audre Lorde whose speech The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action discuses the importance of speaking out; 'for it is not difference which immobilises us, but silence'. Words that we wholeheartedly agree with, here at Tatty Devine.



We just had to get Deborah behind the lens for the third instalment of our Tatty Devine X Fawcett Society collection, accompanied by fellow inspirational women working our series of statement jewellery that aims to empower and inspire.  Buckle up for chats on mental wellbeing, a surprising recipient of the Knowledge is Power Necklace and how to stay calm whilst in isolation.

Deborah Coughlin Tatty Devine


Hi, Deborah! Let's shake up our Instagram feed: who should we be following right now and why?

Follow Wakey! It’s a new breakfast show and more on your phone to help your mental wellbeing while being a tonne of fun. Go follow @wakeywakeytv. Oh and our presenters @houseofjohnson @christophertaylorofficial (they are both hilarious).

Strike a pose! You recently starred in our Fawcett Society collection photoshoot modelling the Knowledge is Power Necklace. If you could gift anyone this piece, who would it be and why?

I would gift the Knowledge is Power Necklace to Donald Trump to wear at one of his press conferences. I’m a big believer in not preaching to the choir, and finding a route to audiences who might not ordinarily be targeted by feminist campaigns.

Knowledge is Power Necklace
Knowledge is Power Necklace, £40

And finally, what are your top tips for staying calm in isolation?

I’ve had to accept that I’m going through a form of grief. I found last week genuinely tough. Crying. Anxious. Quite mad. Once I looked at the grief cycle it helped me frame what I am going through as a loss. A loss of control, freedoms, routine, hugs, parties... normal life. And then there's the actual grief of loved ones people are losing all over the world. Heartbreaking. So, my tip is to accept we are going through something deeply emotional. Not give ourselves a hard time to do courses, pub quizzes, yoga or any of that stuff. And be kind, cozy and find wonderful distractions like films, Ru Paul and hugging dogs. 

Thanks, Deborah! Take action in powerful pieces from our NEW Fawcett Society collection now.  Buy OUTSPOKEN, 50 Speeches By Incredible Women here and tune into WakeyWakeyTV here.
Lucy Dickson