Kreayshawn has Breakfast in her Tatty Devine Necklace

Charlotte Prichard, 22 May 2012

While we were eating boring old cornflakes this morning, American hip hop star Kreayshawn was cooking up some pancakes in her Name Necklace for her new video, Breakfast. Love her or hate her, Kreayshawn's amazing style and catchy beats have got her noticed (she was recently tipped by Vogue as one-to-watch for 2012 and was cited by William Orbit as an influence on Madonna's new album, MDNA) and she looks to brushing off the 'one hit wonder' tag she gained after first single, Gucci Gucci. If you want a Name Necklace like Kreayshawn's, pick Bloody lettering in Gold Mirror, pop it on a gold chain and 'make it big' for extra wow - order yours now! Still not bling enough? If you want 10 letters, a chunky chain or a super-super sized necklace like Kreay's, drop us a line at and we can make it happen.

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