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La. Brooch for Terrence Higgins Trust

April 21, 2021 - Alice Barnes
La. Brooch for Terrence Higgins Trust
Like everyone else in the world we LOVED It’s a Sin here at Tatty HQ. We cried, laughed and learned! We had our eyes open to the stigma that came with the AIDS epidemic and how isolated the LGBT community became, but also to how far we have come in the fight against HIV.

You’ve probably seen Philip Normal’s La. T shirts all over the place recently. As Mayor of Lambeth and someone who lives with HIV, Philip is the first person to hold such a role and be open about their status. From watching the show, he felt a strong connection to “La”, a comforting acknowledgement between characters. 

““For me, this simple use of language underpins the vulnerability of all the characters and solidifies their friendship, it’s incredibly powerful.”

Known for his eye-catching and sometimes laughter inducing clothing, and after many requests, Philip turned this It’s a Sin quote into some best selling t-shirts, donating to the incredible work of Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity. With an incredible response Philip raised £20,000 in 24 hours.

So where do we come in? Well… We’ve teamed up with Philip Normal to create the “La. Brooch”. Exclusively available through and their Brixton store, £10 from each brooch sold will go to Terrence Higgins Trust. Donations from the It’s a Sin inspired range will support people living with HIV in the UK, help us to end the stigma and discrimination they face, and contribute to our work towards ending HIV transmission in the UK once and for all.

Terrence Higgins Trust have been working hard to ensure the AIDS we see on It’s A Sin isn’t mistaken for HIV in the UK today. There is PrEP, a pill to stop you contracting HIV available in sexual health clinics. Someone living with HIV, taking effective treatment can’t pass on the virus to a sexual partner… even without a condom! There is so much to learn and share.

Head over the Terrence Higgins Trust website and Instagram, to learn more about HIV and erasing the stigma that comes with it.
Alice Barnes