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Let the Festivities Begin with Los Bitchos

February 04, 2022 - Alice Barnes
Let the Festivities Begin with Los Bitchos

Let the Festivities Begin… Yesterday saw the launch of the AMAZING debut album from our ultimate band-crushes Los Bitchos. If you’re into psychedelic, instrumental, feel-good tunes, then this is the album for you! 

Made up of four cooler-than-cool ladies: Serra, Nic, Josefine and Agustina. They are everything we want to be AND MORE! With the best hair in the scene, slick dance routines (Check out the Las Panteras video below) and rad riffs, when we had the chance to work with them you best believe there were squeals coming from the Tatty Devine studio. 

Music this good deserves merchandise to match and we were here to make it happen! Shop Los Bitchos merch via their Bandcamp or keep scrolling to see the pieces and some BTS action of their album launch…

For the big fans! Any gig outfit will be Good To Go with the band's take on our Personalised Name Necklace. You have it on good authority, Los Bitchos have great taste, they chose the colour AND charm of this piece.

Did someone say Tequila? Never order at the bar again, you’ll be handed a shot, lime and salt without saying a word! If you’ve seen Los Bitchos live, you’ll have seen them passing around the Patron as they play - head to our Instagram to see them in action! 

Inspired by the Let The Festivities Begin album cover, we’ve turned @essenceofcakeuks Los Bitchos inspired treat into a sweet snack that’ll last forever - way better than an everlasting gobstopper!


Friday, 4th February, saw us swing on by The Social to celebrate the Let The Festivities Begin album launch with an intimate gig. From spotting our jewellery at the merch stand to champagne popping and all our fave tunes being played - we just couldn't stand still! With synchronised dance moves from the crowd, if there is one thing you do this year - it has to be see Los Bitchos live! Scroll down their site and check out the tour dates here.

Shop these amazing pieces exclusive to Los Bitchos’ Bandcamp and stream their album, Let The Festivities Begin NOW!

Alice Barnes