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Limited Edition: Cosmic Planets

October 11, 2023 - Alice Barnes
Limited Edition: Cosmic Planets

Soaring through the skies from the archive, our limited edition Cosmic Planets just landed! 

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, our jewel-encrusted 2013 collection, Sky Lab, explored astronomy, psychedelia and the avant-garde. Fast forward to 2023 and we’ve reimagined this covetable collector’s piece through the lens of a decade of laser cutting progression and honed jewellery making techniques. Stargazers take note: planet jewellery never looked so good!

5…4…3…2…1… Meet the three must-have intergalactic accessories this side of the cosmos:

Hey, star child: plan-eting your next statement jewellery purchase? Send your style to dizzy new heights with our limited edition Cosmic Planets Statement Necklace. An intricate new take on a Tatty Devine archive classic, this baby happily orbits go-to knits, sequin party dresses and perfectly worn in band tees. Searching for space jewellery? The Cosmic Planets Statement Necklace is a lightweight party necklace guaranteed to take your jewellery collection to another dimension in eleven shades of mesmerising swirling laser cut acrylic. 

Cosmic Planets Statement Necklace, £245

Styling suggestion: bold knits and contrasting metallics

Let our Cosmic Planets Statement Necklace rock-et your world: shimmying as you move, this delicately handcrafted celestial necklace leaves the Big Bang for dust with its series of shimmering 3-D planets. Each individual piece has been laser cut, heated, carefully hand-curved and circumnavigated with an iridescent and glittering metallic ring for maximum planetary pizzazz…

Hopping on autumn/winter 23’s white shirt trend? Take your classic capsule look to the next level and lean into luxury with our Cosmic Planets Statement Necklace but catch it while you can, this transformative piece is part of a numbered edition of just 50. Here’s a far out fact: each piece is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered and signed by its maker. 

Throwback time: Co-Founder Rosie in our original Saturn Statement Necklace from 2013!

“My Planets Necklace from 2013 has always been close to hand and a constant favourite to wear to parties, it's a classic! I’m so pleased we’ve brought this piece back, I love the way the iridescent stars on our Cosmic Planets Statement Necklace reflect light around a room and the way it moves when you dance.” - Rosie Wolfenden, Co-Founder

Cosmic Planets Earrings, £56

Styling suggestion: out-of-this-world updos 

Searching the solar system for even more celestial jewellery? Catch sight of our lightweight, maximum-impact Cosmic Planet Earrings and Cosmic Planet Pendant. Back for 2023 and updated in swirling, head-turning acrylic, treat yourself or a loved one to unique space gifts designed in our East London studio and handmade in the UK by Team Tatty. 

Shop this space-age jewellery set via our online store. 

Cosmic Planet Pendant, £42

Beyoncé said, ‘if you like it, put a ring on it…’, so we did! Designed with love in our East London studio and brought to planet Earth by our team of makers in Kent, our everyday orb necklace is the perfect pairing for this season’s indigo denim trend. Our swirling turquoise and fine gold glitter Cosmic Planet Pendant is the ready-to-wear autumn/winter accessory fit for layering or to wear on its own - we love a hardworking power pendant!

Ready to complete your celestial jewellery set? Take your look to another dimension with our The Guardian-approved sparkling Cosmic Planets Earrings. A dazzling duo, our ultimate mismatched earrings are the perfect partner to your statement space-inspired necklace or your selfie-friendly Saturn pendant. 

Missed out the first time around? Shop our NEW Cosmic Planets now and take a peek at our retrospective Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine book, to discover 20+ years of original art jewellery in our own words! 

Alice Barnes