Making Jewellery with Andrew Logan

Charlotte Prichard, 9 July 2012

On Saturday I went to a jewellery making workshop with Andrew Logan.  It was part of the Nova Festival in very wet Sussex, where amidst all the mud I found my Shangri-la.  Andrew, resplendent in fluro orange, brought out masses of smashed mirrors, sheet metal, work gloves and hardcore snips. He let me and a small tent full of other enthusiasts go wild with our imaginations.  I went for a massive red glass mouth and a giant blue eye.  It was quite a procedure, cutting metal and fitting in the glass, embedding it into resin and then COVERING it in masses of GLITTER! Andrew's work is amazing, and I have always been in awe of his Alternative Miss World forever.  I loved it and am sorely tempted to book a week in India with him! I wish! Thanks Andrew & thanks Nova Festival!!

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