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Meet Bea - Advisory Panel member for Young Women’s Trust

January 15, 2021 - Alice Barnes
Meet Bea - Advisory Panel member for Young Women’s Trust

Next up we are introducing Bea (she/her) in our series of Young Women's Trust blogs. Bea is a new member of their Advisory Panel, a group of young women and non-binary people who have direct experience of the issues Young Women’s Trust campaign on. They advise on everything from campaigns to strategy to fundraising, and get training and speaking opportunities - for example at our very own launch evening for Tatty Devine X Venus Libido where Bea joined us to speak about her own experiences which we talk about in more detail below...

Bea Young Womens Trust

How have you been involved with Young Women’s Trust so far?

I’m a new Advisory Panel member to Young Women’s Trust. I have attended my first-ever weekend residential over zoom and engaged within the discussion of Young Women’s Trust’s policies, ethos and what we can do as individuals. It was a very informative weekend and I was very happy to see so many young women advocating for economic justice for women and wanting change so passionately.

Venus Libido Bravery Print

Venus designed the above “Bravery” print on the theme of unlocking young women’s potential. What does that mean to you?

I feel as though the word “bravery” is very suited to our cause at Young Women’s Trust, and also to Tatty Devine’s collection. To me personally, I take “bravery” as its literal definition, but in the context of unlocking young women’s potential I feel particular acts can be defined by bravery. I truly believe that the bravest thing that young women can do is take the first step towards making change—just like myself on the panel, I felt the hardest thing to do was to accept that there is an economic injustice towards women and that that in itself is brave.

Has being involved with Young Women’s Trust helped you to feel braver? If so, how?

Absolutely. Before I was involved with Young Women’s Trust, I would actively avoid conversations about economic injustice with women, as well as any politics in regards to women. I was certainly anxious when it came to these topics, but now with joining the Young Women’s Trust panel I feel much, much braver as I don’t feel alone anymore. I want to have these conversations, I want to bring attention to these issues and after seeing that there were so many like-minded women like me, I felt so much more confident.

Venus Libido Yes I Can Neckace

Together we can help young women to have a brighter 2021 after a difficult year in 2020. What will help you stay motivated in 2021?

I think the Young Women’s Trust cause itself is enough for me to stay motivated in 2021. I am also hoping to attend university next year, so I feel motivated as I will be able to expand my work with Young Women’s Trust and raise awareness to new people. My involvement with the Young Women’s Trust will be more in-depth too as I will have been with the panel for longer, so that is motivating for me too.

What’s your number one piece of advice for people who want to be braver in 2021?

I feel bravery certainly comes from the individual and my advice to those who want to be braver in 2021, I could say a million things. I think the best piece of advice though would be to be true to yourself. Don’t hide away from opportunities, from people, from debates—be yourself and seize every opportunity.

Moving and Making Earrings

What inspirational women do you follow on social media that will inspire you in 2021?

I wish I could list all of the women I find inspirational online. However, the women who inspire me most are Emma Watson, Gina Carano, Rihanna and Salama Mohamed.


Thanks so much Bea! 

Think Young Women’s Trust could help you too? They offer coaching, guidance on CV and job applications as well as a whole host of additional support with anything from education, housing to mental illness.
If you’d like to donate to the charity, each piece of our Tatty Devine X Venus Libido jewellery sold donates £3 to their cause and being the BEST conversation-starters you’ll be able to spread the word about their incredible work! You can of course donate directly here, too!
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