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Meet Gigi from bag&bones!

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Meet Gigi from bag&bones!

Bag&bones is an innovative LED neon art label grounded in high quality, unmistakable design. Based in London, founder Gigi Foyle and her team work alongside her Dublin-based sister Cavanagh, designing unique LED Neon lights.

 Launched in July 2016, the girls have got off to a good start and have worked with some amazing British brands including The Kate Moss Agency, Soho House, Ibiza Rocks, Wilderness Festival & Alexander McQueen. Moving into their second year, the girls are now collaborating with some of their favourite brands, all of which happen to be run by girls!

We've teamed up with bag&bones to turn two of our iconic designs into neon lights, a match made in heaven!

And as we love meeting other women that have turned their passions into a business, we’d like you to introduce you to the amazing Gigi from bag&bones.

Tell us how you first discovered your passion of neon lights... 

When I graduated from University in Edinburgh and moved to London, the bright lights and the big city captivated me! I lived in Hackney for my first 10 years in London and would often visit God’s Own Junkyard, spending hours just walking around, mesmerized by all the beautiful neon. I can’t really explain it, the effect it has on my mood… I just know that whenever I turn it on, my mood is immediately uplifted. It gives me butterflies and no matter how often I see it, that feeling never changes and I hope it never does!

Who or what inspires you?

London inspires me, including all the beautiful art within it. Just walking around the streets of London, looking at graffiti, billboards, even the people themselves – ideas just come flooding in all the time. It’s difficult to stop myself exploring every single one.

I’m also heavily influenced by music. The radio is on pretty much all day at bag&bones HQ, and a certain tune or song lyric will spark a new idea and we’ll start doodling away. Music, like neon, is a mood enhancer… and that’s probably why they both go hand in hand so well.

How did the Tatty Devine collaboration come about?

We’ve been huge Tatty Devine fans for as long as we can remember. We love how their designs are all about expressing yourself in a fun and distinctive way and we just knew their designs would lend themselves perfectly to neon. So last year we reached out to them and here we are today…excited to launch our collaboration.

We’ve taken two of their most popular designs and turned them into lights... a match made in heaven if we do say so ourselves!

Who's your favourite designer? 

Oooh, tough one… but if you held a gun to my head I’d have to go for Charles Eames. I love the whole mid-century modern aesthetic, and his designs have really stood the test of time – so inspiring to see how his influence lives on. He approached every project, in the same way, asking himself:

  • Does it interest and intrigue me?
  • Can I make it better?
  • Will I have “serious fun” doing it?

I mean, that’s my kinda guy and a good philosophy to approach all things in life if you ask me.

How would you describe your style?

My personal style, I would say, is quite minimal. I’m always running around London for meetings or taking lights from one place to another, so I need to be comfortable. I’d say I’m a skinny jeans & trainers kinda girl. Although when we do events, I have to spice things up a bit.  So, I’ll throw on some heels… although after a glass or two of Prosecco, I usually end up changing back into trainers and carrying my heels in my bag!

Five things you can’t live without?

My iPhone (I’m completely addicted)


My children (Willow, 4 & Woody, 2) although, to be honest, it’s quite nice to be without them every now and then!

A cool, crisp glass of Prosecco (or 4!) on a Friday evening

And obvs, bag&bones neon

What’s next for bag&bones?

Well, we’re still very much a start-up and we’re still really focused on growing and establishing ourselves as a brand. So there will be a whole lot more of the same while also thinking about how we can evolve – we’re always thinking about new designs and who we can collaborate with next!


The bag&bones x Tatty Devine collaboration is available NOW.

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