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Meet Juliet Sear!

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Meet Juliet Sear!

It's no secret that we have a bit of a sweet tooth at Team Tatty, so we caught up with baking aficionado Juliet Sear to chat cakes, unicorns and her favourite Tatty Devine jewellery...

Sum up what you do in a sentence... A whirlwind mix of cooking, baking, writing recipes, food styling, teaching, demonstrating, designing edible art and collaborating with loads of fab foodie friends, all mixed with a pinch of daily family chaos - phew!


How did you first get into baking? Completely by accident! I catered for over 100 for our son’s welcome to the world party and had to bake a cake for it - I absolutely loved it. I then got the bug for baking and decorating, so built up a home business from there. That was nearly 20 years ago now!


What inspires you? Nature, interiors, fashion, food, ingredients and of course gorgeous social media feeds too.

Five things you can’t live without? Family, friends, food, our dog and sunshine.


When did your obsession with unicorns start? I've been obsessed with unicorns and other mythical creatures for years, but am LOVING the current trend for them and am fully immersing myself in it! In January went on ITV’s This Morning to show Phillip, Holly and all the viewers how to make their own unicorn cake - it went down really well, so I was invited back to bake even more unicorn makes couple of weeks later! I’ve loved Tatty Devine jewellery for years now, so I was super excited when I discovered that you make an actual Unicorn Necklace!

What make have you been super proud of recently? I made a VERY special unicorn cake for Billington's - it is even more magical because it is all natural. It’s golden in colour due to the unrefined icing sugar coating and also inside it was all 100% natural colouring!

What’s next for you? I'm busy planning fun events and classes in the lead up to the release of my third book, Kawaii Cakes. There’s lots more food writing, styling and some more TV stuff coming up too which is brilliant fun!

We set Juliet the edible challenge of creating our Unicorn jewellery design in biscuit form - Stay tuned next week for the recipe!

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