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Meet The Crafts Council

August 07, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
Meet The Crafts Council

“Ignite, inspire, empower, build!”

Dearly beloved, we’ve gathered here today to talk about this thing called CRAFT! Whether you’re a maker, creator, or simply an appreciator, we thought it was time you learned a little more about our partnership with the Crafts Council, our Campaign For Creativity and the importance of championing the arts. 



So, the Crafts Council’s goal is to ‘make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft.’ Funded by Arts Council England, their expertise reaches many aspects of the creative industry, from supporting exhibitions just like our touring show, Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine, to uniting different communities through craft and developing hands-on learning programmes, such as their Make Your Future campaign. 



In an age when it’s so easy to just double-tap a snap on Instagram without a moment’s thought, the Crafts Council are joining with secondary schools, makers and expert partners to ask YOU to make a pledge to support craft education in whatever way you can. That’s right, from setting up a Craft Club at your school, to offering a day's work experience in your studio, by doing your bit and giving every child the chance to discover their practical abilities, together we can develop their creative talents, and help them to potentially become a maker of the future! We ourselves know that craft skills lead to diverse careers and creative satisfaction throughout life, just ask our super creative co-founders and Chelsea School of Art graduates, Rosie and Harriet!



At Tatty Devine, it’s no secret that we’re increasingly concerned that we’re heading towards a generation so far removed from crafting and creating with their hands that many industries, not just arts and crafts, will suffer as a result. For example, surgeons with no physical dexterity, architects with no working knowledge of the materials they’re working with, the list just goes on… So, as part of our Campaign For Creativity, we've teamed up with the Crafts Council to support their Make Your Future programme with a jewellery collection and line of Teemill organic cotton t-shirts in the same name, with £1 per piece sold donated to the Make Your Future programme, to support them in equipping schools in the UK with the necessary tools & craft skills to inspire and upskill future makers. Wanna champion the arts? You know what to do...



Click here to find out more about the Craft Council’s Make Your Future programme and here to get your hands on our handmade in Britain Make Your Future jewellery collection and here for our organic cotton, digitally printed on the Isle of Wight Teemill t-shirts! Need a little creative inspiration? Tap here for interviews with fellow makers: Clare of Self Sewn, and Chloe Giordano!