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Meet the European Necklace

January 10, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
Meet the European Necklace

Today's the day: after months of negotiations, the Brexit deal is due to be voted upon in Parliament this evening, a move which will approve or reject Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan leave the European Union.


You *might* have guessed our stance on Brexit from last year’s I Heart Europe collection and by our best selling European Necklace. Handmade in our London stores and Kent studio, we just can't make enough of these statement necklaces for you fervent Remainers, so we thought it was time we had a chat with Team Tatty to see why it's such a hit...


"It's a nod to my European brothers and sisters, seeing as I got married in Berlin (and yes, it was banging). I'm 100% a Remainer and this is the perfect way to show it. I'm currently saving for an Irish passport, I'll let you know how it goes..."

Kate - Stores and Workshop Supervisor  

"The success of our European Necklace is a testament to how our customers feel: they feel like and are Europeans. The #PeoplesVote hashtag is totally up for debate and so it should be!"

Rosie - Co-Founder



"We've seen so many passionate Remainers in store on the hunt for a European Necklace to proudly wear out and about or gift to like-minded friends and so many lovely European tourists come in want to chat to us about it all, too. It's just so sad, viva Europe!"

 Hollie and Meg - Store stars


Do we have to spell it out? Channel Tatty fan rockinahardplace and get your paws on your very own piece of protest jewellery* online and in-store now. (Kitten not included, sorry!)

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