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Meet The The Lorelei Mermaid!

November 15, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Meet The The Lorelei Mermaid!

"The Lorelei Mermaid gazes into the distance, towards the darkest depths of the ocean, as undercurrents pulse and giant tentacles undulate in the deep."

Get set for a little under the sea sparkle, as we take a peek behind the scenes and find out the inspiration behind our limited edition Lorelei Mermaid Necklace. Feeling brave? Dive in!

"Call me on my shellphone!" We took a dip with co-founder and Creative Director Harriet Vine to find out more about this striking statement piece. "I did Classics at school and there's something so pleasing about studying women who had the power to lure men onto rocks! If I could wear this piece ANYWHERE, it'd be to a little long lost restaurant in Soho, also named the Lorelei. It had a massive painting of the aforementioned siren on the wall and their bechamel was next level. It closed way back in 2013 apparently, but it'd be the perfect setting for this special lady."

Take a closer look at her twinkling Swarovski crystal jewellery, seafaring shell accents and swirling pearlescent pink tresses. It wasn't easy to sign off this sparkling siren, Harriet searched and searched until she was able to source the perfect acrylic to form a foaming wave. "It was very difficult, there was all manner of acrylic flying about... I love the glitter in the material we finally chose, it just had to be used to mimic something watery. Initially, the design had her sitting on rocks with cliffs in the background too, it was a bit of a beast! You've got to really refine ideas until they're right, there's no point doing it for the sake of it." - Harriet.


Did you know that we make our jewellery in Kent? We caught up with Production Manager Flo to talk technical details: "The trickiest part to make is the wavy tail, as it involves freehand bending with iridescent acrylic which needs to be very precise to capture the correct shape." Phew! That's one deep sea diva!

"The best thing about the Lorelei Mermaid Necklace is the variety of beautiful jewel tone colours. Every time I look at her I spot something new! Especially the swirling glitters and pearls in the acrylic, and how could I forget those shimmering Swarovski crystals?!" - Charlotte M.

Studio star Charlotte S (yep, we've got FOUR Charlotte's in Team Tatty!) even transformed into the Lorelei Mermaid for Halloween, packing web orders, answering phone calls and keeping the good ship Tatty Devine running, all in her fanciest fins. Now, that's what we call 'off the scale' customer service!

Get your Ariel on in the Lorelei Mermaid Necklace online and instore whilst stocks last. Fancy dressing up as a piece of Tatty Devine? Tweet your best pics over to us on Twitter, we're waiting... 🐚


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