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Meow! Meet Tatty Devine's Back Cat-alogue

October 24, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Meow! Meet Tatty Devine's Back Cat-alogue

It's no secret that Team Tatty are cat ladies, so this #BlackCatDay, we're looking some of our fave monochrome moggies we've ever made over the years. Feline fine? Let's go! 

Ooh, we wonder witch piece you'll conjure into your basket: the Witches Cat Brooch, Earrings, Necklace or Ring? Remember: familiars are for life, not just Fright Night!


Meeeeeow! Meet the Cat and Mouse Necklace and Brooch, reimagined in matt black acrylic - with a twinkling orange Swarovski crystal eye.


"Cat lady but make it fashion..." We magicked up star-studded Mystic Cat jewellery for our limited edition A/W collection. Something spooky's a-paw!


Ahoy, hoy! Nauti-cool Sailor Cat jewellery sailed online and in-store during the summer of 2017, avast...


2015 saw our collaboration with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, including the Black Cat and Mouse Necklace - with £3 per piece sold going straight to supporting the charity in their hard work. Phew!


All eyes on 2012! Etched and inked whiskers: check! Laser cut little bow tie: check! We couldn't wait to get our paws on cute Cat and Bow jewellery.


Skip to 2011, if you please! Delicately etched and inked Siamese cats adorned cute collars and made an appearance in vintage jewellery boxes worldwide...


Prrrr, prrrr! The classic Cat Ring made its first appearance all the way back in 2003. Mini whiskers and alert ears adorn a laser cut jet black acrylic ring, available in three sizes fit for every feline fan. 


Round of a-paws for some of our feline favourites, please! Collar current black cat jewellery online and in store NOW...


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