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Misshapes: A3 Art Prints

May 28, 2020 - Rosie Wolfenden
Misshapes: A3 Art Prints
While we are in between venues for Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine exhibition, and uncertain as to when Cultural Spaces can reopen, we wanted to revisit the experience of rifling through twenty years of designs and ephemera as well as the process of creating imagery for the exhibition and our book.

One of the greatest challenges was space, finding the physical space to spread everything out, look through and decipher what could possibly be the most interesting objects to see and what might make sense of our twenty-year journey. The stars of the show mostly made themselves very obvious, whilst others took a long time to choose.

We decided to take some extra special photographs of our favourite pieces, which can be seen on the Exhibition Poster for Misshapes as well as throughout the book. The photographs were Creatively Directed by Harriet and the backdrops were lovingly constructed from paper by Team Tatty's Hollie and Meg. 
Now, for the first time, these designs can be bought as art prints on our Teemill store to adorn your walls rather than yourselves!


Avant Garde Face Necklace Art Print

Avant Garde Face Necklace, A3 Art Print £30


Cameo Necklace Art Print Tatty Devine

Cameo Necklace, A3 Art Print £30


Column Necklace Art Print Tatty Devine

Column Necklace, A3 Art Print £30


Ich Liebe Dich Necklace A3 Print Tatty Devine

Ich Liebe Dich Necklace, A3 Art Print £30


Maze Earrings Tatty Devine Art Print

Maze Earrings, A3 Art Print £30


Mission Control Necklace, A3 Art Print Tatty Devine

Mission Control Necklace, A3 Art Print £30


Cockatiel Necklace A3 Art Print Tatty Devine

Cockatiel Necklace, A3 Art Print £30


Swan Necklace Tatty Devine A3 Art Print

Swan Necklace, A3 Art Print £30


To bring you these sweet new additions to your home, we've partnered up with Teemill again. Based in Isle of Wight, Teemill run their factory with 100% renewable energy and all items are made to order.  Yep, that's everything from our Tatty Devine 100% organic cotton T-shirts and Jumpers to NEW art prints which are printed on FSC certified 100% recycled paper.
Rosie Wolfenden