Nail It With NAF! Salon

Nail It With NAF! Salon

Charlotte Prichard, 18 October 2018

Turn the page and take a peek at our limited edition Cyclops Eye collection, inspired by mythology, fairytales and folklore - exclusive to Tatty Devine… This Halloween, set your sights on pop art eyes and laser cut lashes: optical accessories are in!



At Team Tatty HQ, we're all about getting matchy-matchy with our jewellery, so who better to team up with than the ghouls over at NAF! Salon?  We challenged them to create a nail art look inspired by the shimmering Cyclops Eye Ring. Ready? Let's do this...



  1. Start by prepping your nails and applying a base coat. Wait for them to dry and paint two even coats of a nude polish - we like Essie in Topless and Bare. Cheeky!
  2. Pick a finger you wanna accent (we went for the ring finger, obvs!) and carefully paint on a white half moon near your cuticle, we use a smaller nail art brush with a pointed tip for the details. Don’t worry if it’s not too perfect, they’ll still look great!
  3. Take a light blue shade - Barry M in Blueberry BonBon is pretty good, and paint a small circle in the middle of the half moon. Yup, that’s the iris!
  4. Time for the finishing touches, hope you’ve got steady hands! Dot the iris with black varnish before lining the 'top' lash line of your eye and carefully paint little stripes as lashes onto the nude nail.
  5. Wait for your design to dry and top it off with a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat.
  6. Ta-da, that's one perfect peeper! Seal with a super glossy top coat, a slick of NAF! Stuff Cuticle Oil (we love Cherry 🍒), slip on a statement ring and you're all set...
Wanna WIN a bundle of treats from NAF! Salon, including a limited edition Cyclops Eye Ring? You better head to our IG for the low down... *THIS COMP HAS NOW ENDED*


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