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New Jewellery! Battersea Dogs & Cats Home x Tatty Devine <3

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
New Jewellery! Battersea Dogs & Cats Home x Tatty Devine <3

Calling all cool cats! We’ve designed three NEW adorable pieces for the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home x Tatty Devine Collection including a new Fawn Lurcher brooch and necklace. In honour of this, we caught up with the lovely team from Battersea to learn more about Lurchers and the #LoveALurcher campaign…

IMG_3533 Tell us a little about Lurchers… The Lurcher is the title given to any dog that’s a Greyhound cross. As they’re not a purebred, Lurcher’s can have very different looks and personalities. Some Lurchers are long-haired others short-haired, and they come in a variety of different colours.

How many Lurchers do you care for each year? In 2016 Battersea cared for 175 Lurchers. This was up from 2015, where we cared for 101 Lurchers. Sadly, Lurchers are the third most common breed we see come through our doors after Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Jack Russells.

Last year the average stay for a dog was 35 days, but the average stay for a Lurcher is slightly longer, at 39 days.


Why are Lurchers harder to rehome than other breeds? Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Dog Centre Manager Robert Young said: “Lurchers can be overlooked because people aren’t quite sure what to expect with them. They don’t have a set look, so they don’t tend not attract the breed enthusiasts that other dogs benefit from. But we think it’s time for these dogs to have their moment in the spotlight- as they can make wonderful pets and owners will get the benefits of two breeds in one!”

Why should more people #LoveALurcher? Lurchers are affectionate, inquisitive, and gentle-natured dogs and they make great family pets. Like Greyhounds, many Lurchers have short spurts of energy, and then they’re content to spend the rest of the day on the sofa. However, as Lurchers can be a range of different crossbreds, some are more energetic than others! Lurchers are also food obsessed. They might be skinny, but they’re constantly hungry, and they’ll do anything for a snack.


Tell us about some of the Lurchers at Battersea currently looking for a new home? Neo: Neo is a two-year-old Lurcher who came into Battersea’s Old Windsor centre as a stray. He’s been at the centre ever since and has sadly just passed his one year anniversary at the Home. Neo is a fun and a super-playful youngster who picks up training quickly and has great potential for a home that can keep both his brain and his body busy. Neo loves other dogs but can be vocal on the lead around them, so needs owners who are willing to continue his socialising. With the right training and guidance, Neo will develop into a super, well-rounded dog.

Dotty: Dotty is a two-year-old Lurcher who came into Battersea’s London site from another charity 130 days ago. Dotty is incredibly affectionate and has a zest for life and fun that will constantly entertain and amuse you. She adores nothing more than zooming after her tennis balls for a game of fetch and then curling up on her comfy duvet for the rest of the afternoon. She is full of character and loves to learn new tricks already mastering sit, down, bow and touch. Her skills for agility are really impressive, and she would love a new home where she can continue learning lots of new commands.

Derek: Six-year-old Lurcher Derek came into Battersea’s Old Windsor centre as a stray and is now looking for a second chance at a better life. Derek’s loves his toys, and he lives to play! Derek’s had a rough start to life, and he’s looking for owners who will work on his training. He doesn’t know any commands yet, and he can get a bit excited around other dogs, as he wants to play. But what he lacks in training, Derek makes up for in temperament. His happy and affectionate nature can't help but make you smile. With some time, love and attention, he could become a fantastic addition to a new family.

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£3 from the sale of each product within the range will be given to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (Registered Charity No. 206394) to support the vital work they do.