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New print-based Eley Kishimoto collaboration

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
New print-based Eley Kishimoto collaboration

Eley Kishimoto 'Ravioli' print dress with matching Tatty Devine earrings


For the first time in years, it's okay to match your earrings to your tunic dress. Co-ordination is cool again this season. We've made it easy, too, with our latest collaboration - a second project with print and pattern mavens, Eley Kishimoto.


Tatty Devine for Eley Kishimoto Circle Ravioli Earrings - pink


Working with Eley Kishimoto this time around inspired us to use digital printing techniques for the first time. We printed their patterns directly onto perspex, then created lasercut circles like these oversized earrings in the 'Ravioli' print. Why the pasta reference? Look closely, and you'll see that the scallop-edged squares on the check pattern are the same shape as everyone's favourite stuffed pasta.


Tatty Devine for Eley Kishimoto Circle Flower Pendant - red


Another pattern we chose to translate into jewellery is this jagged rose floral. All of these prints are taken from Eley Kishimoto's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which is called 'Toy Town Eden'. They've been getting seriously playful with Garden of Eden imagery and plants. Think of all the thorny issues thrown up for humankind back when Eve bit the apple...


Tatty Devine for Eley Kishimoto Ivy Charm Bracelet - black


You could say the story of fashion itself began when Eve covered herself with an ivy leaf. That leaf was the world's first ever outfit. We just added googly eyes.


Tatty Devine for Eley Kishimoto Snake Necklace


Finally, there's a slinky snake with a bitten apple charm. The snake is digitally printed using Eley Kishimoto's illustrated motif, and the apple is embellished with a single red Swarovski crystal.

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