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Sound Clash Is HERE!

July 26, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
Sound Clash Is HERE!

Okay, let’s get down to it boppers! Introducing our happenin’ new collection: Sound Clash



Bump to the beat under the flare from rainbow bright disco lights and spin under the shimmer of mesmerising mirror balls harking back to our AW07 ‘Dark Stages’ collection. Pop on a pair of our Disco Ball Earrings, laser cut in glistening mirror silver acrylic, best paired with a Disco Ball Pendant.



March passed the lines of patiently waiting dancers, the scuffed toes of your saddle shoes glancing off of pearlescent and mirror inflatables, tamed by trailing gold foil streamers slowly winding their way around chair legs and entwined couples. Our Fancy Foil Balloon Necklace is just the thing for catching eyes across the dancefloor, just add the Party Balloon Earrings and pin the Party Balloon Brooch on your beau!



Metallic letters spelling out the commands, ‘F-U-N’ and ‘D-A-N-C-E’ are strung against wood-paneled walls, now beginning to sag in the heat. Phew, pass us a Shirley Temple!



Head over to the DJ booth and allow yourself a moment to gaze at the Speaker Stack Statement Necklace's graphic layers of wooden and graphite acrylic speakers, pulsing en masse to *that* Max Romeo hit… Feeling a little more subtle? How about the Speaker Stack Brooch or give the Top Twenty Record Pendant a spin!



Fire up the smoke machine as glossy volume knobs and on/off switches gleam in the revolving glow of Disco Light Statement Necklace, Disco Light Necklace and Disco Light Earrings.



Help yourself to the Hi-Fi Speaker Centre Necklace, the perfect flashback to long, hot nights and get ready for all those richer sounds in our Left and Right Hair Clips



Time to lift the needle!

Shop Sound Clash online and in-store now, party people!