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Tatty Devine and Louise Gray Launch Jewellery Collection

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Tatty Devine and Louise Gray Launch Jewellery Collection

Back in September 2012, we joined forces with offbeat British designer Louise Gray to create a limited edition jewellery collection,  first seen on the catwalk at Louise's Spring/Summer 2013 show at London Fashion Week. Statement clip-on earrings and oversized mirrored rings were covered in Sharpie messages scrawled on by Louise.

We’ve recreated Louise’s handwritten messages to create a limited edition range of rings and graphic earrings, perfect for Spring. Larger-than-life silver mirror perspex rings feature peppy slogans such as "Now What" and "Hot" etched and inked in Louise's own handwriting.

Louise Gray Ring - What Now, £120

 Louise Gray Ring - Hot, £120

    Louise Gray Ring - Wow Now, £120  

Louise Gray Ring - Now What, £120 Each ring is oversized to cover almost your entire hand, but not so big that it hides your on-trend nail art. Wear with holographic shimmer nail polish for maximum impact. Louise's handwritten slogan was painstakingly etched and inked by hand in our London studio. It took a lot of patience... and a lot of polishing! Our talented team of studio girls built up their biceps buffing the jewellery to the highest shine: Want to make heads turn? Our Graphic statement earrings are made from geometric shapes and are oversized to fit the catwalk. Huge triangles of mirror silver perspex shine and reflect the light and accents of neon shimmer perspex give giant exclamation marks a holographic effect.  

  Louise Gray Earrings - Triangle, £70 Louise Gray Earrings - Exclamation Mark, £70 Take the catwalk to the streets and shop the full Tatty Devine and Louise Gray collection now. Don't miss the chance to see all the larger-than-life statement perspex rings and earrings hot off the catwalk from Louise's Spring/Summer 2013 London Fashion Week catwalk show in a new exhibition at our Brick Lane boutiqiue. Get inspired by slogans written directly onto the jewellery by Louise, and shop your favourite pieces from the collection in store. Find out more here.