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Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo: Floral Focus

August 19, 2022 - Alice Barnes
Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo: Floral Focus

“I paint flowers so they will not die.” – Frida Kahlo

F is for folk art, flowers and Frida Kahlo. Can you believe it’s been over a month since the launch of our official jewellery collaboration: Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo?! Inspired by the pioneering Mexican artist, a twenty-piece jewellery collection bloomed - paying homage to her works, her life and the jewellery she wore herself. Leading the way for female artists with naive flowers painted on glass and sending style shockwaves with her statement headpieces, we’re digging deep into the recurring motif of this Frida Kahlo-inspired collection and her trailblazing work: florals.

Frida Kahlo in her garden at La Casa Azul

A collector, Kahlo kept specimens of plants and flowers throughout her life - as well as art and jewellery - of course! Thought to be a constant influence, was her garden at La Casa Azul… In the New York Botanical Gardens 2015 exhibition, ‘Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life’, you can see this direct link specifically in the native Mexican marigolds in Frida’s hair in her 1938 self-portrait, the inspiration behind the naïve florals of our collection. 

Combining found objects and her own work, akin to the first creations of Tatty Devine jewellery, Frida Kahlo discovered a reverse glass painting at a market in Oaxaca, Mexico and used it as a vessel to frame another iconic self-portrait - the first artwork to a 20th-century Mexican artist the be acquired by an internationally renowned museum in fact! Featuring traditional Mexican iconography of tropical birds and florals, see this found object reimagined in our Frida Kahlo Floral Statement Necklace

Our Frida Kahlo Floral Brooch with its inspiration at the Mexican Geniuses Immersive Experience.

Focus on our Frida Kahlo Floral Brooch: turning the centrepiece of our statement into the perfect present for any art lover. Recreated in layers of marble red, shimmering yellow and glistening gold-flecked green, these primitive petals have been expertly hand-glued over recycled acrylic for a bold black outline. 

Give ditzy florals a surrealist touch with mini blossoms: our Frida Kahlo Floral Earrings and Frida Kahlo Floral Pendant. Each piece of this art jewellery collection is designed in London, handmade in Kent and comes complete with an official Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo logo.

Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray

In a collection inspired by the themes of Kahlo’s work - passion, pain and sexuality, such personal subjects, you can’t not be influenced by the artist herself. Seen adorned in traditional Mexican dress and an eclectic jewellery collection, photographs of Frida bring to life her personality, her culture and her relationships. Seen especially in photographs by lover and life-long friend Nickolas Muray, he documents this pioneering painter at ease in her garden, smiling - an alternate view to what her paintings offer. 

An ode to Frida’s iconic hair gathered atop her head, adorned with ribbons, cords and flowers, reminiscent of pre-Columbian tradition, as seen in this imagery, we turned her floral headbands into a metamorphic masterpiece: our Frida Kahlo Flower Necklace / Headpiece.

Trailing along an emerald-tone rope, seven everlasting flowers are laser cut, meticulously heated and hand curved in a rich palette of sunrise shades: from sorbet pink to cerise, ethereal cream and dappled mauve. Take a look inside each floral motif, as seen through Kahlo’s work, to find layers of delicately laser-cut satin petals and a stamen, bringing these blooms to life. 

Taking you from day to night, style this statement in your hair a la Frida or transform any LBD by adorning your look with a head-turning necklace. Go full-on Frida: recreate her look and crown your lobes with our Frida Kahlo Hand Earrings - inspired by a present from Pablo Picasso!

Shop our official collaboration bursting with floral jewellery, Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo, online and in-store now. 

Alice Barnes