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Team Tatty's Frightening Flicks

October 19, 2020 - Alice Barnes
Team Tatty's Frightening Flicks
Trick or treating might be cancelled this year (yes... we know we’re too old for that anyway) but you can still have a spooktacular Halloween. Team Tatty will be donning their Ghost Jumpers and PJ bottoms for a snug and scary horror movie marathon, want to join us?

Here’s some of Team Tatty’s fave frightening flicks, boo-ckle up it’s about to get petrifying...

Hey Hollie! What is your favourite horror movie?
I’m such a baby, I don’t think I could even tell you one I’ve seen. I’ve seen Scary Movie, does that count? Oh, how about Ghostbusters...

Not a lot of hiding behind pillows for you then! What freaks you out the most, jump-scares or blood and guts?
Definitely jump-scares! They can hear me screaming back in Wales.


You’re sitting down to watch Ghostbusters, what’s your go to snack to munch during the movie?
Pick and mix, for sure! I’m partial to a giant fried egg but for spooky season I’m going for a large bag full of fizzy vampire teeth.

Fang-tastic choice! What piece of our jewellery will you be wearing on Halloween? 
The Crystal Gazing Necklace, I’m all about the witchy vibes. My Halloween look is definitely more spooky than scary.

Great choice! Last question, can you show us your best spooky scared face?!

Next up we have Team Tatty’s top horror-head! Hey Charlotte S, what’s your favourite scary movie?
I am a huge horror fan so it's difficult to choose just one but I love the classics and 1931's Frankenstein holds a special place in my heart, so much so that I have old Frank tattooed on my leg, I highly recommend watching, everything about it is just stunning!   

Jump-scares or Blood and Guts?
I enjoy a good jump-scare but throwing in some blood and guts as well can't hurt! 

You’re made of some tough stuff! Favourite film watching snack?
It has got to be sweet and salty popcorn with some kind of chocolatey treat thrown in for good measure.

What piece of our Halloween jewellery will you be wearing this Halloween?
I am loving the Bluebottle Fly Pendant and Dragonfly Wing Earrings, they look amazing and give off some serious Jeff Goldblum vibes in 'The Fly’ , another great film! 

Droooool, Jeff Goldlum! Time for some spooky selfie action, we want to see your best scared face!


Last but not least let’s hear from store star Katie (and Eddie ofc). What’s your go to horror film? 
Ooooh I loved poltergeist back in the day (when I was small and probs shouldn’t of been watching it!) “CAROL ANNE!!” I really liked Hereditary too! Toni Collette is a legend and it really creeped me out. Controversial I know, but I loved it!

Totally on your side with Hereditary! Jump-scares or Blood and Guts?
Jump-scares I think, or a bit of both? Is that allowed?

Definitely allowed, the scarier the better! Favourite film watching snack?Anything crispy and cheesy is always good. Oooh, nachos with that shiny cheese and jalapeños! Followed by a bag of Revels, lovely. 

Delicious! What piece of our Halloween jewellery will you be wearing this Halloween?
Snoop and Woodstock Vampire Brooch
! They hang out with my glo in the dark ghost brooch. Loving the Halloween hangout on my coat! 

Sounds like a gore-geous gang! Show us your best scared face...

Amazing. Always good to have your trusty guard dog to keep the ghouls away!

Thanks Hollie, Charlotte and Katie. We’re so ready for hair raising halloween horror sesh! Shop Double Trouble and Tatty Devine X Peanuts online and in store now.
Alice Barnes