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Watch the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection video

Watch the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection video

Charlotte Prichard, 12 September 2011

Watch the fashion film  that Louise Clarke and Jamie Munton created for our Autumn/Winter 2011 collection: The collection was designed around the theme 'finders keepers', so Louise and Jamie set their story in a forest, with our model slowly unravelling the story... The clothes are by Graduate Fashion Week designer Katie Mills. Her muted forest colours cut in folk tale shapes are just what Gretel from 'Hansel and Gretel' might wear, if she read Grazia. Jacqueline Bolton wears Katie MillsLouise Clarke and Jacqueline Bolton Model Jacqueline discovers filmmaker Louise at the end of her twine. Jacqueline Bolton We thought you'd like to see some filmmaker boys in autumn sweaters. Were we right? Kinga Marcovic Make-up artist Kinga Marcovic gives Jacqueline the perfect 'lost in the woods' pale lip colour. Crochet bird with jewellery nest Who are you calling magpie? Owls in crochet nest From now on, this is how we'll be storing our jewellery at home. Tatty Devine Autumn/Winter 2011 Abney Park Cemetery Louise created a Tatty Devine den decked out with crochet apples, vintage mirrors and lots of Tatty Devine. The film was shot in Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington. It's an overgrown, tumbledown old place perfect for autumn walks and creating ivy-strewn jewellery dens. Jacqueline Bolton Jacqueline discovers the Autumn/Winter collection... Jacqueline Bolton ...and looks very pleased with what she's found! Settling down for a snooze in the Tatty Devine den... Jacqueline Bolton Now that's good camouflage. Wake up Jacqueline! Filming's over! Watch the short cut of the film, too: Shop the collection now.

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