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We helped set a new Guinness World Record!

We helped set a new Guinness World Record!

Charlotte Prichard, 9 August 2010

Ahoy there me hearties! I be back from Hastings where I've 'ad a swashbucklin' time! It was Pirate Day in Hastings, and our shipmates Pearl & Queenie asked us to spend the day with 'em thar, so all the pirates could come and meet Tatty Devine and get 'emselves some booty! DSC_0051 Here we all aargghh outside the shop. That's me in the shorts and eyepatch, Kathy the owner is the wench in red, and the other lovely lasses are Becca and Patricia. DSC_0035 The shop window were decorated with a huge haul of Tatty Devine booty! DSC_0043 This 'ere lass came all the way from Wales! 'Er name is Katrin, but she go by the nickname TATTY! DSC_0082 We kept an eye out for the finest pirates in town. First orf we spied this corsair. He looks as fine and fancy as Long John Silver in that thar jacket. Them thar knives are real fish knives, bought in the very junk shop we met him in. He drilled 'em and sewed 'em onto 'is jacket. Lily-livered landlubbers, look out! DSC_0072 Next up is this buccaneer. Wonder 'ow many souls he dispatched to Davy Jones' locker to make 'is skull necklace... DSC_0056 This is a fine gentleman o' fortune an' no mistake! D'ye think he's been polishin' them shoes with pilfered polish from some fine merchant ship? DSC_0055 This scurvy seadog was paradin' his fine ship through the town as part of a great, grande parade! Yo, ho, ho. Bet 'e's got a bottle o' rum for later! DSC_0081 When I'm not sailin' the seven seas, I've spent many pieces o' eight on pasties and pastries from Judges Bakery, one of me favourite shops in Hastings. I'm always served by this lovely lass, one o' the biggest Tatty Devine fans on land. DSC_0074 We got loaded to the gunwhales on dastardly delicious ice cream from Di Pola's. The finest ice cream I've ever 'ad! DSC_0071 Shiver me timbers! We broke a Guinness World Record! We 'ad a Jolly Roger of a time! Thanks be to Pearl & Queenie, and the fine town o' Hastings!

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