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We Love: Heavenly Recordings

July 16, 2021 - Alice Barnes
We Love: Heavenly Recordings
If you were lucky enough to peruse the stalls at last weekend's Independent Label Market you may have spotted Heavenly Recordings and their brand new bit of merch, designed by us! We’re such huge Heavenly fans here in Team Tatty and it was such a dream to design with our favourite record label. 

eavenly Necklace available via Bandcamp in pink and black.

We caught up with the wonderful Katherine, Heavenly’s self proclaimed “dancing queen”.

Describe Heavenly Recordings in five words.
Magic, family, friends: Forever Heavenly 

What is your role at Heavenly? What’s a day to day in the life of Katherine?
Hello,I run Heavenly Recordings social media channels. Essentially, I get to chat about our bands across the digital world all day, everyday, convincing people they should listen to their music and buy our records. The most exciting days are always new music days. I get the biggest thrill seeing fans respond to our artists' records. 
What I do at Heavenly is heaps better than any other job though, it’s a passion and a dream working under the Heavenly umbrella. Like all of us at the label, past & present - we want as many people as possible to hear our talented artists and engage with their amazing music & art. We have shared belief in discovering magic and banging on about it incessantly to anyone who will listen.

If you're after more details on blowing the office speakers or after hours drinks in Soho, I suggest picking up a copy of Robin Turner's recent book on the label, ‘Believe In Magic, Heavenly Recordings, The First 30 Years.’
Psst... You can win a copy of the book over on Instagram!

Heavenly is 31 years old, what is the one stand out moment from those years?
When we celebrated our 25th anniversary, we had a few parties in venues across the country. I love how Heavenly isn’t a London centric label. It was a great year of discovering new venues and making new friends.

One of the nights I absolutely loved was the night in Liverpool at The Kazimer; an amazing venue that is sadly closed now. We took over the garden & venue with our current roster that ranged from Stealing Sheep performing with a colourful dance troupe to King Gizzard raising the roof tops with their electric performance.
I have a really fond memory of running round the venue with a suitcase full of records, a few each for each artist to sign. Although not an easy task, I got them all signed and we sold them at the label market to fans the following week at record speed!
At Heavenly we’re a family, and events like this one get everybody together where friendships are formed and ideas take shape.

If you can pick just one, which is your favourite release on the label?
It’s really tricky to pick one; it never seems fair. However, I have recently spent a lot of time with the last audiobooks album, ‘Now! In a Minute.’  
With a new track out called ‘The Doll’ on the BBC6 Music playlist it dawned on me that not enough people got to listen to their debut. It’s an incredible body of work that borders on insane in parts. Songs built for the dancefloor… I think Evangeline Ling & David Wrench are the perfect eccentric duo and it’s a wonderful pairing of great minds. 

An entry point would be the track ‘Friends In The Bubblebath’ which has an equally impressive video directed by the legendary Alistar McLellan.Their new record ‘Astro Tough’ due out this Autumn is even better.

What have you missed most about live music in the last year?
Dancing with friends and having that shared smile when you all think,WOW, this is amazing.

Is there anything exciting happening in the Heavenly Recordings world that we need to know about?
SO MUCH! We have an actual (!) live music event with our party pals Bad Vibrations at Crystal Palace Bowl next month. It’s part of a new series of South Facing events. It’s a great line-up with Sleaford Mods, Baxter Dury, The Orielles, Jane Weaver, Katy J Pearson and Fat White Family all playing live. 

Tickets are still available.

We've got our ticket and we just can't wait!! Are you ready for some quick fire questions?

If you could only listen to one album ever again what would it be?

What’s your favourite thing to listen to while you work?
I’m obsessed with James Endeacott’s Soho Radio show, Morning Glory. From 9am-12pm - it’s pure joy.

Earrings or Necklaces?
Big earrings every time.

Gigs or Festivals?

That was a hard one! What’s your go-to live event accessory?
My bum bag. I have a habit of losing things so it’s become a solid staple at events.

Now that’s some great advice!! Thanks so much for chatting with us Katherine.


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Alice Barnes