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We're a safe space!

February 09, 2022 - Alice Barnes
We're a safe space!

Here at Tatty Devine, we want EVERYONE to feel free to be their authentic self and be safe doing so. This LGBTQ+ History Month, we’re continuing our work to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Tatty Devine is a safe space.

Last Friday, we gathered at our Seven Dials store to catch up with Dani St James, founder of Not A Phase - a UK charity supporting the lives of Trans+ adults in the UK, for an informative session on allyship. Keep scrolling to see what we learned...

Started by Dani and a friend at the brink of the pandemic, Not A Phase started as a response to the trauma the pair were feeling at the time. With discussions of stripping medical care for Trans+ kids and the potential enforcement of the Single-Sex Act, a t-shirt design raising money for Mermaids sparked the early phases and talks of making more of a change themselves. Reflecting on what wasn’t already in place for Trans+ people in the UK, Dani noticed a lack of support after the age of 18. 

Not A Phase has become a powerhouse of this! They are opening up conversations in workplaces that stop people from being alienated and encouraging companies to look at their recruitment process. Putting on events for the community to meet like-minded people within a sober environment and setting up Misfits - a fitness, wellness and self-defence programme. Get to know Dani and Not A Phase a little better here.

Say it with us: language. It really, really matters and here are a few pointers from Dani to help you on your way:

  • When talking about a Trans+ person, the umbrella terms to use are Trans and Transgender.

  • Pronouns! Normalising the awareness of people’s pronouns in everyday and work-life is great but remember, if someone doesn’t want to put theirs publicly out there for all to see, that's OK. You don’t want to run the risk of forcing someone to out themselves. 
  • Don’t say “What are your preferred pronouns?” This insinuates there is a choice.
  • Not sure what someone’s pronouns are? Then just don’t use them - you know their name, so stick with that. 
  • Made a mistake? If you’re corrected, don’t make a big deal! Just say “thank you for correcting me” and move on.

  • Avoid asking someone’s ‘real’ or birth name.

Now you may be wondering why Not A Phase is just so familiar - it may be because you’ve helped support the charity by purchasing your very own Pride-osaur Necklace. Launched back in August, £60 from each of these dazzling rainbow dinosaurs sold is donated to Not A Phase, in support of their essential work.

Using the correct language is super important but we learnt so much more, here is some food for thought:

  • The NHS says that the waiting time for non-urgent, consultant-led treatments is 18 weeks from the day of your appointment, at the moment the average wait time for the first appointment is around 5 years for somebody looking to transition. Even after that wait, there isn’t a guarantee of any support whether that’s to start the transition process, or even get mental health support. 
  • When a Trans+ person reaches 18, they are often faced with a decision that will shape the path of their life: to fall into debt from University tuition fees or from the cost of transitioning. Most people aren’t lucky enough to afford both and as a result, fewer Trans people are able to gain higher-paid, non “entry-level” jobs across all industries.

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month, we're giving you 10% OFF our Pride-osaur Necklace online and in-store until midnight, 9th February 2022. The discount will be applied automatically at checkout and don't panic! Not A Phase will still receive the full donation per Pride-saur Necklace sold.

If you’re walking around the West End and fancy a chat with a friendly face or just need to take five, our store team is here to help with a smile and a side of acrylic jewellery. We can’t wait to see you!

Alice Barnes