What We Stand For


Whatever happens, Tatty Devine will never compromise on our integrity and will continue to only make beautiful products in line with our brand values. Creativity is at the heart of everything: our interests, the causes we choose to champion, the people we want to hang out with and what we do as Tatty Devine - it really is essential to who we are. We’ve made it this far without ‘selling out’ and we believe we can continue to do so whilst making a stand for what we believe in. Spoiler alert, we believe in a lot! In no particular order, allow us to explain what we’re all about...
So, whilst plastic jewellery and “sustainability” might not obviously go hand in hand, we believe it can! We’re creating beautiful works of art for our customers to treasure forever because unlike fast fashion, our costume jewellery is timeless. Got a piece that needs a little TLC? Get in touch and we’ll take a look, tarnished findings can usually be replaced for a small fee. As for the plastic leftover from laser cutting? Straight in the recycling, thank you very much! Guess what? We’re developing jewellery made FROM recycled plastic - watch this space!
You can read our full sustainability statement here.
Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation… All of our jewellery is handmade in the UK by a skilled team of 30 women. We encourage career development, from making to management and everything in between. Of course, we’re keen to fight the Gender Pay Gap, so much so that we’ve partnered with The Fawcett Society - the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and womens’ rights. Discover our blog series, Women We Watch, which profiles women from all industries and walks of life who’ve caught our eye, through various achievements. “We really believe that you have to see it to be it and it’s never felt more important to inspire the next generation.” - Rosie
In 2018, the Year of the Woman and Vote 100, there's no better time for us to release jewellery collections with the Museum of London and Fawcett Society, aiming to raise awareness of the impact historical and contemporary women had and continue to have within politics and society.
Here at Tatty Devine, we pride ourselves on inclusivity and we wholeheartedly support the LGBTQ+ movement. From RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty, Raja, to American performance artist Amanda Lepore and superstars of London’s scene, Scottee and Night Czar Amy Lamé, our fan base is as diverse as our team. We’re proud to design jewellery that helps people express themselves: whoever they are, wherever they’re from and whatever they stand for. We’ve produced jewellery such as  2018’s GIRLS GOT IDEAS collaboration pieces with writer, model and trans advocate Rhyannon Styles, anti homophobia campaign, ‘The Pansy Project’ in 2011, a rainbow of Name Necklaces for London Roller Girls 2012 Pride appearance and statement costumes for Alternative Miss World to name a few!
Last but certainly not least we stand for YOU! From providing you with excellent customer service experiences, helping you to look and feel fierce in our jewellery or promoting creativity through our workshops, all our decisions at Tatty Devine come down to you. If there’s something we’re not doing right, don’t be shy: we need you to let us know so we can do better. Shantay, you stay... Feel like sharing some Tatty love? Get in touch with us here, we like compliments too!