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Ascend Into The Astral Haze

October 08, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Ascend Into The Astral Haze

Venus is in retrograde? Ugh, as if!

Don't fret, we've got astrological accessories guaranteed to get you through. Ascend into the Astral Haze in one, two, three...



What's that rapidly approaching? Peek at the Planet Earrings - Glitter Purple as they softly spin past you, the Planet Necklace - Glitter Silver drifting in their wake.



Polished planets, shimmering stars, and magical moons collide to create the Astral Planet Necklace. Bigger is better? You better take a peek at the Astral Planet Statement Necklace. Phew!



A puff of purple micro glitter acrylic wafts into your line of vision, as a magical crescent moon hitches a ride on its pillowy curves. Shop the Cosmic Cloud Necklace and Brooch now before they're going, going... gone!



You *need* the Astral Moon Earrings! Slices of opalescent acrylic recreate a pair of shimmering crescents, there's even a miniature Astral Moon Pendant to match.



Meet the Moon Phase Necklace. Treat yourself to our trio of waxing and waning moons, immortalised in opalescent, mirror and glitter acrylic. 


Shop Astral Haze online and in store, now!  

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