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NEW: Think Strange Things

September 06, 2023 - Alice Barnes
NEW: Think Strange Things

We’re shunning the September sunshine, to make way for Spooky Season. Calling summertime goths to Halloween obsessives, our Halloween jewellery collection is here! A bewitching fusion of dark tales and Gothic elegance, turn the page on Halloween accessories handmade in the UK with Think Strange Things, your go-to for autumnal style wins… 

Laser cut in a dark, glossy palette that pops over Vogue’s key autumn/winter trends, elevate that capsule classic white shirt or go all-out glam with laser cut acrylic accessories layered over head-turning metallic dresses. Listen to our Co-Founder and Creative Director, Harriet Vine talk about the inspiration behind this collection.


First up: gothic glamour! Let our upcoming moody blooms infuse your autumn/winter looks with 3D floral jewellery picked straight from AW23 runways… Our versatile floral statement necklace, the Belladonna Flower Necklace is laser cut in misty pearlescent acrylic centred with shimmering stamen that shines from deep purple to midnight black. Style over luxe satin and cosy mohair knits, complete this Deadly Nightshade-inspired jewellery set with matching Belladonna Flower Earrings

'Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.' - Mary Shelley, Frankenstein 

To Whitby, with love: historical ruins meet your jewellery box in our homage to the spooky seaside town of Whitby. Discover luxe black acrylic, polished and laser cut to resemble the infamous gemstone, Whitby Jet, an organically formed treasure. Demure florals collide with literature-inspired jewellery in our Whitby Jet Cameo Link Necklace: akin to a Victorian cameo this decorative jewellery is etched with cursive quotes from Mary Shelley’s quintessential novel, Frankenstein.  The ultimate present for any literature lover: shop our Whitby Jet Cameo Necklace best layered over oversized lace collars. 


For the history buffs! Think Strange Thing’s historical ruins-inspired accessories are set to be your go-to everyday jewellery. Serving up stories of saints, poets and even referenced in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (a fan? Keep reading!), add eerily eye-catching acrylic jewellery to your shopping list with our Whitby Abbey Necklace

As if they are flying from the 1500-year-old monastery, layer up with our recycled Bat Earrings and Pendant. Best paired with monochrome ensembles, you’ll be ready for Whitby’s Goth Weekend.


Show us your fangs! Inspired by Whitby’s resident writer, we’re nodding to Bram Stoker’s iconic work with two pieces of Dracula-inspired jewellery to inspire any Halloween costume. We’ve recreated our retro hardback copy of Stoke’s 1987 novel in glossy recycled yellow acrylic and walnut wood. a must-have accessory for bookworms and horror fanatics alike: take home our Dracula Book Brooch

Everyday vampires: make it ready-to-wear with our everyday Halloween essential, the effortless Dracula Teeth Necklace, the go-to silver necklace for Spooky Season. Take a close look and spot splashes of ‘blood’ etched and hand-inked by our team of expert makers in Kent.  


Whether you’re flicking through your horror movie archive or your gothic rock record collection, don’t put our Bela Lugosi’s Dead Necklace back on the rack. Inspired by English post-punk band, Bauhaus' first single, sing along to the lyrics of this ode to 1931’s Dracula, Bela Lugosi in this glittering scroll necklace. Best paired with cobweb knits and a beaten-up leather jacket, this is the perfect present for music lovers, film buffs and the undead.


One of the most wearable fashion trends of the season? The LBC, that’s a long black coat FYI…  Add elevated elegance to this classic wardrobe staple with an abundance of statement brooches. We’re talking vintage tattoo-style Bela Lugosi’s Dead Brooch, book-inspired brooches and the glitter-flecked Purple Jewel Beetle Brooch… your hunt for eerie animal jewellery is over!


Introducing the creepiest of crawlies, jewelled-tone jewellery sets are here to stay with our coordinating Purple Jewel Beetle Necklace. Lepidopterologists, it doesn’t stop there: meet our Death's-head Hawkmoth Necklace and matching moth earrings. Insect-inspired accessories never looked so good! The devil really is in the detail: swinging inside heated and hand-curved translucent acrylic to mimic a miniature jar, spy a skull hidden in this moth's markings. 


Ready for October 31st must-haves? Take your pick from classic Halloween motifs with spooky accessories to see you from trick-or-treating to parties. Perfect for Spooky Season enthusiasts, take your pick from stylish Thunderstorm Cloud Earrings in Silver, a seasonal take on our bestselling statement earrings to hair-raising Bone Hair Clip in Glitter Silver, that’s sure to make any look a graveyard smash. Oversized collars meet acrylic jewellery: vamp up any tee with kitsch swoops of glossy recycled black acrylic. Complete with an adjustable silver-plated chain, set your sights on our Bat Wing Collar Necklace


Last up: showstopping ghost jewellery. Add a flash of phosphoresce to any costume party ideas with best-selling Halloween jewellery turned bioluminescent. Scarily cool, serve spooks in colour-changing cartoon ghouls laser cut in glow-in-the-dark acrylic. Lighting up the night in illuminating blue to glowing in spooky sage green in the daylight, glow-in-the-dark jewellery is our fright night favourite. Shop the full set with our Mini Ghost Pendant, Ghost Earrings and Ghost Ring!


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Alice Barnes