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AW22: Cabinet of Curiosities

August 18, 2022 - Alice Barnes
AW22: Cabinet of Curiosities

Turn the key and unlock the door to Tatty Devine’s Wonder Room with our Autumn Winter 2022 limited edition collection: Cabinet of Curiosities.



An ode to discovery, scientific classification, and craftsmanship: we’re removing the glass divide between admirers and objects of desire. Add to your art jewellery collection with references spanning gemology to oology, takes on taxonomy, and finally update your own archive with the ultimate collector’s piece: our Cabinet of Curiosities Statement Necklace.


Looking for the best statement necklace this season? The Cabinet of Curiosities Statement Necklace works like a charm, encapsulating our AW22 collection (keep reading to find out more!) and the expert craftsmanship behind each and every design. A party necklace like no other, tick off types of taxonomy with our must-have masterpiece: nine ornate charms nod to the most fascinating artefacts from entomology to mineralogy. Look closer to discover layers of laser-etched acrylic, from jewel-toned mirrors and glitters to subtle shimmers and marbles. Identify each ‘ology’ with charming hand-inked miniature labels inspired by our visit to Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum.



Searching for inspiration to fuel a jewellery collection of contemporary souvenirs and eclectic ephemera, our Creative Director, Harriet Vine MBE spent weekends strolling through Paris’ Centre Pompidou - chocolat chaud in hand - ogling over oddities and discovering sought-after collections. The highlight of her trip? Surrealist thinker, André Breton’s studio! Bursting with artefacts from objets d’art made by Man Ray to oil paintings and iridescent butterflies encased in glass: the inspiration behind our luxe take on lepidopterology, the Butterfly Collector Necklace



Let’s get in formation… a kaleidoscope of fifteen meticulously designed, jewel-tone butterflies recreated in layers of luxurious laser cut acrylic from our Butterfly Collector Necklace - part of a numbered edition of just 30 - don’t let this one fly away.



Inspired by species in Breton’s box of ‘fulgores’, translating from Latin as ‘flashes of light’, observe intricate flourishes and ornate detailing emulating the luminescent wings of these hypnotic insects. No magnifying glass necessary: discover our matching Butterfly Collector Brooch and Butterfly Collector Link Necklace, online and in-store.


BTS: All hands on deck - our shoot team in Grant Museum of Zoology's Micrarium.

During expeditions to Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum and Ashmoleon Museum to London’s Natural History Museum and Grant Museum of Zoology (recognise those last two from our photoshoot?!) - an abundance of inspiration struck. Drawing on lifelong obsessions with oddities, our Co-Founder’s Rosie and Harriet were on a mission to bring together curios and traditional crafts, displaying how the often mysterious skills translate into jewellery design. 


The ultimate frieze frame: be bold in the Baroque Garland Statement Necklace. Inspired by an intricate hand-carved frame bearing a portrait of curios collector, Elias Ashmole, we’ve given Grinling Gibbon’s work a gilded touch. Turning this artefact into art jewellery, an abundance of golden acrylic has been lovingly laser cut by our all-female team of makers. Leaning into the legacy of craftsmanship and the unique details of Mouseman Furniture, find a sneaky mouse hiding amongst the foliage. Making this the crowning piece of our AW22 collection, our ode to British craftsmanship is part of a numbered edition of just 15.


Detailed hand-carving of Grenling Gibbons via the Ashmolean Museum.

“This collection is the physical embodiment of holding things that fascinate us and also pays tribute to the museums and private collections that made knowledge available to everyone.”

Co-Founders, Rosie Wolfenden MBE and Harriet Vine MBE


From geology to glam rocks. Recreating marvels of the Mineralogy Collection at London’s Natural History Museum in a precious palette of laser cut mirror acrylic, appreciate the wonders of the natural world in our Gemstone Collection Necklace. Unearth gleaming geological gems, each an ode to the wonder of physics and planet earth. The art of trickery is represented by lustrous golden pyrite - otherwise known as Fools Gold, mystical purple Amethyst symbolises understanding and the rarest of them all, glassy green Dioptase. 



Add a gem to your collection. Designed in London by Creative Director Harriet Vine and handmade in small batches in Kent by an all-female team. Each piece is part of a numbered limited collection and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the person who made it.



Put the slime in sublime with the Walk of Snails Statement Necklace. Designed to symbolise the art of discovery: flex on your fellow malacologists with our fascinating future fossils. Adorned with an array of twinkling crystals with a swoop of silver-flecked slime, take it slow and appreciate the beauty in everything. 


Our Seasonal collections are ALL about exclusivity. These collectable curios are part of a limited edition run, with only 30 of some of these delicate and effervescent jewels available.

Shop Cabinet of Curiosities online and in-store now. Feeling extra curious? Head down to Alfie's Antique Market to see our very own WONDER ROOM on the first floor - curated by Harriet, it is bursting with intriguing items! 

Alice Barnes