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AW22: Inside our Wonder Room

August 30, 2022 - Alice Barnes
AW22: Inside our Wonder Room

All you eager-eyed collectors would have spotted the magic of Alfies Antique Market in the background of our limited edition AW ‘22 collection photoshoot. Well, the collaboration doesn’t stop there… celebrating the launch of Cabinet of Curiosities we’ve taken over a shopfront in the market and filled it with oddities, eccentricities and our brand NEW collection for a whole month!


See you on the second floor: peek into our Wonder Room, curated by our Co-Founder Harriet Vine MBE. Discover curios from friends, fellow artists, and magical minds, hand-picked to sit alongside twenty-nine new pieces of original art jewellery between 25th August and 17th September.  


297 Pawn Holes by Matthew Lee Knowles and Sam De Freitas and painting by Peter Walsh


Spot something you love? Find your new fave artist here:


Palingenesis’ (Rebirth/ Recreation): A Story of Transformation | Eliza

Inconstant Repetition, Outpost, Head with Sunglasses and Feathers | Nick Pankhurst 

Untitled | Stephen Fowler

Trauma Co-Ordinator (Reign Over Pain) | Rachael Mathews

Alien Fetish Object | Mark Pawson

Small Grand Piano by Lydia Ricci | Rob and Lorna Ryan


By Kasia Wozniak



The Lake | Meg Nagy

Cast Iron Brick | Steve Claydon

Amulet | Chris Coombes

Untitled | Avis Underwood

Weeper | Kate Fahey


Pajaki and Castle by Karolina Merska


297 Pawn Holes | Matthew Lee Knowles and Sam De Freitas

Pajaki |  Karolina Merska

Gavel used in The Essex Witch Trials of 1645 | Freddie Robins

Barn Owl Mask - Earthing Project  | Rebecca Palmer



Barn Owl Mask by Rebecca Palmer from Earthing Project


Kate Harrison-Ledger

Susanna Edwards

Kasia Wozniak

Peter Walsh


@tattydevinestudio Come visit our Wonder Room at @alfiesantiquemarket1 , NW8 8DT until 17th September ✨ Tag your visit with #TDCabinetofCuriosities 👀🗝 #thingstodoinlondon #secretlondon #acrylicjewellery #collectorcheck ♬ bad habits - 🦠


Discover our Wonder Room at Alfies Antiques, 13 - 25 Church St, London NW8 8DT until 17th September. Take a selfie with our Cabinet of Curiosities and use the tags below for your chance to WIN a £50 Tatty Devine voucher: 

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Alice Barnes