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August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard

Inspired by the re-opening of Dreamland Margate, the UK's original pleasure park, we've transformed our fairground favourites into playful new jewellery this summer.

From ice cream spoons to roller disco boots and neon pink flamingos, here's a look at some of the pieces from the collection...


Sweeten up your look with our Ice Cream Spoon Necklace - it's been dipped in resin to give the effect of melted ice cream. It almost looks good enough to eat!

Grab your leggings and our Roller Disco Necklace - it's time to party! Featuring delicate string laces, this intricate necklace will roll through all seasons.

Add some glitz and glamour to your seaside style with our Fifties Sunglasses Necklace, studded with Swarovski crystals that sparkle in the bright lights of the fair.


Ruffle some feathers in our Flamingo Pendant. Laser cut in fluorescent pink acrylic, the etching and hand inked detailing brings our bright bird to life.

Ooohhh! Like what you see? Check out the full collection!

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Dreamland Margate is open now - we can't wait to visit!

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