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How It's Made: Dinosaur GIANT Necklace

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
How It's Made: Dinosaur GIANT Necklace

Whether you're a Jurassic Park fanatic or just like to make a serious sartorial statement, there's no bigger (or better) way to accessorise than with our Tatty Devine Dinosaur Necklace. Originally inspired by a visit to London's Natural History Museum, it has become a much loved classic Tatty Devine piece, appearing in the press, tv (Glee fans, we're looking at you!) and worn by celebrities including Lauren Laverne. What could possibly be better than a Dinosaur Necklace, you ask? We have the answer - a Pride-osaur Dinosaur GIANT Necklace! Yes, our classic Dinosaur Necklace - Mirror Gold also exists in a giant form for maximum impact and it’s for a good cause, too: £60 from each sale will be donated to Not A Phase, supporting the lives of trans+ adults across the UK. Not for the faint-hearted, this super-sized glamorous tyrannosaurus is laser cut in a rainbow of acrylic to mimic the progress pride flag: the perfect date for nights out and festivals. Keeping it casual? This handmade statement necklace adds much-needed drama to everyday jeans and t-shirts. 



Co-Founder and Managing Director Rosie Wolfenden MBE says, "The Dinosaur Necklace doesn't sit firmly in the fashion world. It's not a seasonal piece, either. It's made to be worn forever!" 

Co-Founder and Creative Director Harriet Vine MBE agrees, "When we came up with the Dinosaur Necklace, we were obsessed with the idea of articulation. It was a really ambitious and experimental process to design it." 


It’s no secret our dino-loving Co-Founders are head over heels for dinosaur fossil jewellery: Harriet even created a one-of-a-kind bright yellow acrylic T-Rex to wear to Buckingham Palace when she and Rosie collected their MBEs for services to fashion. Get the lowdown on their marvellous MBE looks here.



Ok, time to bone up: all Tatty Devine jewellery is designed in by Harriet in our East London studio and handmade in Kent by our talented team of makers. There’s still an ambitious and time-consuming process behind each piece - as our team and anyone who has attended our past Dinosaur Necklace jewellery-making workshops will agree! Take a peek behind the scenes at our Kent studio to find out how this magnificent giant T-Rex necklace is made: 



First things first: each dinosaur bone necklace is laser cut from individual sheets of glistening acrylic and every piece is linked by hand using golden jump rings. Over forty bones make up this sizeable statement necklace - and each one is designed to sit in a very specific order.

We carefully give our dinosaur a tail by linking together the pieces with pliers. Steady hands are a must! "Have you heard the one about the T-Rex crossing the road...?" 

 Lastly, the protective film is peeled off each individual bone (this stops the acrylic burning whilst it's laser cut), we add a gold-tone adjustable Tatty Devine chain and careful cleaning begins until...


    Not A Phase founder, Dani St James


    Et voila! The Pride-osaur Statement Necklace is ready to make the journey to our Covent Garden store or straight to your house! Show your bones and shop our shiny dinosaur skeleton necklace in mirror gold acrylic here or take the plunge and go jurassic-tastic in our rainbow-bright GIANT Pride-osaur Statement Necklace now.