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IN THE FRAME: Tatty Devine X Sir John Soane's Museum

February 19, 2020 - Charlotte Prichard
IN THE FRAME: Tatty Devine X Sir John Soane's Museum

"Architecture speaks a language of its own and above all, a building, like a historical picture, must tell its own tale." - Sir John Soane



We're delighted to unveil our brand new collection: Tatty Devine X Sir John Soane’s Museum, a witty homage to the Bank of England architect’s extensive collection of objects, architectural endeavors and the incredible Sir John Soane's Museum itself. 



From shimmering ceramics to digitally printed miniatures of Hogarth greats, we’ve recreated our favourite pieces from the Sir John Soane's Museum in laser cut acrylic, captured on location in the museum itself.


“A total dream collection launched today, feeling so lucky to have made work for and got to make images in Sir John Soane’s Museum, one of my most favourite places in London.” - Harriet Vine, Tatty Devine Co-Founder and Creative Director



In the fine art frame of mind? Help yourself to the striking Hogarth Painting Necklace



Inspired by the English painter, printmaker and satirist William Hogarth's satirical take on humanity, make a statement in the Hogarth Painting Plaque Brooch



Accessorise with antiquities in the Vase Link Necklace.



Cast serious reflections in the Mirror Link Necklace.



Alas! Meet the Fanny the Dog Necklace: a laser-cut ode to the Soane family's beloved dog. 



Frieze! Strike a pose in the Acanthus Leaf Earrings and Acanthus Leaf Necklace - Iridescent, shimmering homages to the classic ornamental motifs seen on Corinthian columns within the Sir John Soane’s Museum. 



Make an Ionic statement in the Column Top Necklace



You can bank on the Bank of England Earrings - Rose Glitter.



Shop the collection online and in store now and plan your visit to the Sir John Soane's Museum here.