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Introducing AW18: Liminal Fantasy 🌗

August 30, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Introducing AW18: Liminal Fantasy 🌗

Turn the page and discover the Liminal Fantasy.

Inspired by the liminal state in between day and night, fantasy fiction, fairytale creatures and folklore, this limited edition collection is not for the faint-hearted. Are you ready to begin?

"Essentially, a liminal space is a threshold between one thing and another. This collection takes you on a journey through many different stories all brought together under the guise of the Liminal Fantasy: as twilight falls, this world comes alive..." - Rosie Wolfenden


First stop: the Key Brooch

"There are many, many meanings associated with keys. New beginnings, liberation... it's like a continuation of the theme from AW17 of damsels in distress rescuing themselves without the need for a prince! They can also assume the status of a talisman: full of apotropaic magic, deflecting misfortune.  A good luck charm or amulet of sorts, only this one is studded with lilac-y, blue-y Swarovski crystals." - Harriet Vine


You *may* have spotted a sneak peek of this pretty peeper, way back in April. Layered mirror and glossy black acrylic recreate a bashful Cyclops Eye Necklace, Brooch and Ring. What a looker! "This collection started slightly differently to others as it was propelled by a word and that's unusual for me, as I'm such a visual person. So, I had this word 'fantasy' and I was just obsessed with it, something moved from my subconscious to my conscious and I just had to explore this word and the concept of storytelling..." - Harriet Vine 


"The idea of a liminal state is fascinating, it's neither day nor night, old nor young, day nor night, conscious or unconscious. It's an interesting space but a bit scary at the same time, you can get trapped on the other side of something... a bit like a membrane between two worlds but they can still seep into each other. Kinda Stranger Things-like, everyone's aware of that, right? The Twilight Owl Statement Necklace, Necklace and Ring are a beautiful nod to this, its feathers are almost scalloped and laser cut in brand new acrylic. Very, very fine twinkles like the night sky..." - Harriet Vine 


"In this collection, there's quite a lot about relief and moving on from something. I guess the last collection was about breaking through and the power of spring and this one's about what happens in between before you get to where you're meant to be going... It felt supernatural but super normal to create our own Phoenix Statement Necklace and Phoenix Necklace, to be able to realise what one could look like in our world. It comes back nicely to the last collection and the unstoppable cycle of things." - Harriet Vine


"I was really excited to use those colours: reds and golds, again, which we've not used for a firey concept in a very long time. I love the Phoenix Flame Earrings and Necklace. Our last firey pieces were designed way back in A/W '05?" - Rosie Wolfenden 


"There's a few celestial pieces that draw heavily from Egyptology: Nut the Goddess, a beautiful blue star-sprinkled nude woman who arched over the earth as a personification of the sky and the heavens... basically, the milk from her boobs creates the Milky Way. There's new acrylic used here: a really fine micro gold glitter inset to create a spray of stars. Our very own Milky Way Necklace! There's a Swarovski crystal studded Comet Necklace, too." - Harriet Vine


"It's the first time we've ever created a sun, can you believe it? The Sun Ra Necklace, Brooch and Earrings (both Large and Small) are top of my wish list..." - Rosie Wolfenden



"Ooh, the dragons are pretty special. We first created one from laser-cut leather, way back 2012 for Chinese New Year. This Dragon Tail Necklace is fine micro glitter gold acrylic, whereas the Dungeon Dragon Necklace is glistening jewel tone mirror... there's all the Dungeons and Dragons, role-playing, mythical vibes. Plus, crystal blood drops on the Dungeon Dragon's fangs." - Harriet Vine


"Ocelots are fascinating creatures as they really do come alive at night, or at least begin to stir from twilight... The Ocelot and Moon Statement Necklace features a wooden Ocelot head against pearlescent and glittery moons, pinned to a matt black, hand curved bib. The Ocelot Earrings, Brooch, Necklace, Ring and Liminal Moon Necklace are going to be pretty popular too, I can feel it..." - Rosie Wolfenden 


"The whole idea of cryptozoology and concept of people trying to track down a giant squid fascinates me... Our very own Giant Squid Statement Necklace and Giant Squid Necklace really bring that phosphorescence to life, it's the iridescent acrylic that's hand bent into undulating tentacles that does it There's even a Mermaid Necklace, she's definitely a siren: check out that new shimmery see-through blue acrylic she's resting against!" - Harriet Vine 


For reel, you need the Rainbow Fish Statement Necklace, Earrings and Necklace"This takes inspiration from both The Fisherman’s Wife’ by Brothers Grimm and ‘The Last Slice of Rainbow’ by Joan Aiken. A huge iridescent and mirror silver fish sits on a glittery rainbow, accented with bubbles and splashes... the four elements are definitely a theme within this collection. Water might just be my favourite!" - Harriet Vine


"Drawing inspiration from tales of tricksy ravens in folklore, our bejewelled birds tell the tale of transformation, trickery and stolen light becoming the stars... Spot the Raven Necklace - Day as it swoops over the landscape, its shadow, the Raven Necklace - Night moving silently below." - Harriet Vine


Bloom in the Calla Lily Statement Necklace, Calla Lily Brooch and Calla Lily Necklace. "The lilies were inspired by the Grimm Brothers tale of twelve brothers enchanted into lilies, they're objectively beautiful pieces with this undercurrent of magic. The white pearl acrylic just heightens the luxurious, glamorous feel, I can totally see Grace Kelly working one!" - Rosie Wolfenden


"For the first time ever, we asked an illustrator to bring a collection to life! Finn Kidd transformed initial samples and mood boards into beautiful, beautiful illustrations and we're so pleased with the results. Our vision came to life in the most exciting vibrant way!" - Rosie Wolfenden. 

Need to know more about super illustrator, Finn Kidd? Your quest begins here... 

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