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NEW: Tatty Devine X The Printed Peanut jewellery collection

May 24, 2024 - Charlotte Prichard
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NEW: Tatty Devine X The Printed Peanut jewellery collection

Best known for her colourful risographs and transforming tomato purée tubes into must-have decorations, meet our new collaborator, The Printed Peanut. Louise Lockhart’s joyful illustrations are set to bring sunshine to your jewellery box as wearable artworks.

From risographs to mid-century motifs, join us as we sit down with Louise to talk colour, the creative process, and taking joy in everyday objects…

Louise Lockhart, aka The Printed Peanut

First of all, can you describe what you do in five words?

Colourful jolly design and illustration.


How does it feel to see your illustrations transformed into wearable art? 

So wonderful! Seeing my art turned into different things is my favourite thing. I’ve seen it happen lots in print form on wearable things but never individual shapes that you can hold. I always wanted to be Penny Crayon and now I feel like I’ve done a drawing and it has turned into a necklace like magic.


From risographs to laser cut acrylic, which specific elements of your style do you think translate particularly well into jewellery?

My designs usually use just two or three colours so that means they can be applied to different things and still retain their essence, which is important to me. I did worry that a risograph print with all its grainy texture might not translate into a shiny acrylic piece but they have a different texture to them which brings a new dimension. It’s funny seeing something come round full circle, for example the sardine can. It is an ordinary object that anyone can find in a shop, but the designs are often so good. I have drawn my own version, turning the humble fish packaging into a piece of art for your wall and now Tatty Devine have elevated that into a shiny precious jewel!


When it comes to your creative process, do you have a 'working wardrobe' of go-to outfits or accessories that help you get in the right headspace for creativity?

I think most artists have a sort of uniform that they gravitate towards and mine is quite boringly always Levi 501s, a Breton tee with a woolly jumper and slippers. I never go out or see anyone most of the time so I don’t need to try. When I do go out I love dressing up and I love fun clothes and accessories. I need to retain my colourful image!


You describe your work as "delightfully bright", do you draw inspiration from any particular eras or motifs?

I’m very drawn to mid-century colour palettes and prints. My granny was a great art collector and her home had a very strong mid-century vibe with lots of mustards and olive greens. My work has been quite determined by which risograph colours are available so I’ve got into the groove of neon pink with bright turquoise and yellow. I always seem to work with pink, blue and yellow because they give so many secondary colours when they overlap.


We love how your illustrations often celebrate everyday objects - can you share with us any specific pieces from the collection that hold a special meaning or story behind them?

I take a lot of joy from nice usable every day object like enamel teapots (which I always use as vases). I’ve just moved house and found I have about 12 of them… can you have too many? 


Never! Finally, which piece(s) of Tatty Devine X The Printed Peanut will you be reaching for this summer?

I love the Springtime Flowers Necklace as the opaque acrylic is reminiscent of sea-worn glass found at the beach. It’s bright and cheery and I’d wear it with the matching earrings.





Love Heart Statement Necklace The Printed Peanut


Romance is in the air: go bold in striking power necklaces that will see you from weddings to festivals and anniversaries, too. Hopeless romantic? Spot pastel flowers, white ducks and radiant bursts within our pearlescent Love Heart Statement Necklace, £155, best worn with vintage blouses and vintage slip dresses, and take note, cool officiants - the swoon-worthy Lovers Statement Necklace, £145, is a brilliant special occasion necklace to have in your accessorising arsenal.


Woman in Dress Necklace The Printed Peanut


Inspired by The Printed Peanut’s whimsical illustrations, we've recreated a charming lass in her party dress, laser cut in eye-catching shades of glossy coral and recycled acrylic - it’s the Woman In Dress Necklace, £48. Wait, there’s more: layer up and pair our little lady with the dapper Fancy Horse Necklace, £50, and ride into the sunset with this playful pendant laser cut in The Printed Peanut’s signature risograph style.


heart in hand brooch the printed peanut


Easy to wear accessories? You can count on our Heart in Hand Pendant, £41, laser cut in pink pearl acrylic, complete with etched and hand-inked with golden embellishments and a fuschia manicure, this symbol of handcraft is topped with a glittering red heart and ruby-like crystal. We’ve also covered your go-to summer cardigans with the twinkling Heart in Hand Brooch, £35. 


Teapot Flower Brooch The Printed Peanut


Pour on petals with the Flower Teapot Brooch, £58, featuring hand-layered joyful yellow, fluorescent pink, and pastel accents, our colourful brooch is etched and hand-inked with graphic navy and green details to mimic The Printed Peanut’s risographs. Come rain or shine, the You Are My Sunshine Pendant, £35, is a winner: laser cut in shining silver mirror and finished with glowing etched and hand-inked rays, this medallion style pendant is suspended from an adjustable silver-plated chain for maximum layering potential. 


Springtime Flowers Necklace Set The Printed Peanut


Be the best of the bunch in alternative floral jewellery: our Springtime Flowers Necklace, £85, is an easy-to-wear statement necklace laser cut in a concoction of frosted acrylic, a quartet of naive-style blooms are etched and hand-inked by our team of expert makers. Love a matching set? Try our Springtime Flower Earrings, £35 and the Springtime Flower Pendant, £28 for a full sartorial bouquet. 


Blue Bird Necklace The Printed Peanut


Laser cut in glossy turquoise and stone-fruit-hued pink acrylic, and hand layered over shining silver mirror acrylic, the summer-ready Blue Bird Necklace, £60 is inspired by The Printed Peanut’s colourful artwork. Pair the matching Blue Bird Brooch, £60 with your favourite (dare we say it…) raspberry beret and top off the set with lightweight, head-turning Blue Bird Earrings, £45.


Cat Necklace Earrings and Brooch Set


Celebrate friendship in the Dog Walk Necklace, £55, inspired by The Printed Peanut’s drawings and paper cuts, featuring a doggy duo in vivid blue and glossy recycled yellow acrylic and cleverly layered over a recycled transparent backdrop. And for the feline enthusiasts, may we suggest the ultimate jewellery for cat lovers: the Cat Wearing A Ribbon Earrings, £38 and matching Brooches, £40. Inspired by illustrator The Printed Peanut’s version of antique Staffordshire pottery cats, we’ve laser cut a pair of moggies in marble white acrylic, etched and hand-inked yellow fur.


Sardine Tin Necklace The Printed Peanut

Omega? I hardly know her! Bound to raise smiles wherever you dine, the Sardine Tin Pendant, £45 is plucked from illustrator, The Printed Peanut’s artwork, digitally printed over sustainably sourced birch wood with the phrase, “better together”. Go matchy-matchy and treat your amore to the Sardine Tin Brooch, £45, complete with shimmering mirror acrylic fish adornments. 

A perfect match necklace and sardine pendant the printed peanut


The perfect love token: we’ve created the ultimate unique romantic gift for him or her. Our A Perfect Match Pendant, £32, is inspired by packaging discovered on The Printed Peanut’s travels, digitally printed Louise’s playful illustration on laser cut birch wood and reimagined as a colourful pendant. Searching for an unusual brooch? The A Perfect Match Brooch, £25, is sure to uplift every lapel. 

Designed in collaboration with colour-loving Yorkshire artist, The Printed Peanut: shop the collection online and in our Covent Garden store now . 

Charlotte Prichard