Meet Twinks Burnett!

Meet Twinks Burnett!

Charlotte Prichard, 6 December 2017

Introducing fashion stylist, creative director, and colourful headwear maker - the fabulous Twinks Burnett! Twink's colourful and bold style is right up our street so read on as we chat about her inspirations, style and aesthetic...

Twinks wearing our Firework Sparkle Necklace. Photography credits ARON KLEIN Hat: VINTAGE Top: L.O.M Skirt: KATIE JONES Necklace: TATTY DEVINE
Twinks wearing our Firework Sparkle Necklace. Photography credits ARON KLEIN Hat: VINTAGE Top: L.O.M Skirt: KATIE JONES Necklace: TATTY DEVINE Tights: WE LOVE COLOURS Shoes: IRREGULAR CHOICE Necklace: TATTY DEVINE

Sum up what you do in a sentence...  

Fashion stylist, creative director, and whimsical headwear maker meets educator! 

How did you first get into styling?   

I studied fashion at AUB, and which help figured out my calling in this lovely life was to make things more wonderful! I worked very hard and won a few awards along the way and since then I have been working freelance. I love to curate and immerse myself in what I do. Styling is about working with what you have and making something out of nothing - I Love it. 

What's your fave Tatty Devine piece?   

The lobster! Always and forever, bigger the better. I have been swooning over that ravishing red piece for years, it’s such a statement and always gets such a great reaction whenever I wear it out. I feel like a modern surrealist art piece in it!

Twinks wearing our Giant Lobster Necklace. Photography credits ARON KLEIN Hat: VINTAGE Dress: KITTY JOSEPHJacket:KATIE JONES Ring: TESSA METCALFE Necklace: TATTY DEVINE

Who or what inspires you?

 I thrive on colour and adore being witness to peoples self-expression! I live for people, they fascinate me, I am so very lucky to be surrounded by a plethora of unique, talented and driven women at the helm of fascinating and successful businesses. When feeling lost in the creative woods I always look to the extraordinary ladies in my life for inspiration. I have a stable of sisters with extraordinary talents, from jewellers, tattoo artists, designers, performers to activists. Love is life!

Three things you can’t live without?

Colour- my eternal source of happiness, I surround myself with colourful characters and dress the way I feel.

Headwear- My brand comes from continuously needing to have something on my head! I feel naked without some sort of adornment upon my crown chakra. A good headpiece always finishes off a fabulous look!

My studio- Where all my creative insanity and mess lives. Where neon ribbons battle it out for space with a garden of multicoloured faux flowers and my ideas are born and contained!

Twinks wearing our Brushstroke Link Necklace. Photography credits ARON KLEIN Top: L.O.M Skirt: KITTY JOSEPH Necklace: TATTY DEVINE Earrings: FAT POM POMS

Mermaids or Unicorns?

Mermaids, I am all for the sisterhood! Those watery mythical sirens have a place in my heart. Fun fact... The only tattoo I have is a mermaid!

What's next for you?

I will be bringing out my new collection very soon! It's a mix of festive fancies and festive faves with a twist for the winter season, I have been keeping my customers waiting but I promise it will be worth it, along with my make your own workshops!. I continue to evolve and grow as a stylist and there's lots of exciting new work on the horizon, with new brands and artists. I have some exciting community youth projects coming up and hosted a few talks at the end of the November, one on sustainable fashion futures and the second at the V&A talking to 16-24 years olds about fashion styling!

Find out more about Twinks here!

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