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Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo

Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo

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Showing 1-8 of 20 products
Tatty Devine x Frida Kahlo official jewellery collection.

Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo

Join us as we explore the world of Frida Kahlo and paint our own reality in a new official jewellery collaboration.

Inspired by the themes of isolation, passion, pain and sexuality, seen both in this pioneering Mexican artist's work and her eclectic jewellery, Tatty Devine X Frida Kahlo turns instantly recognisable motifs into wearable objects d’art.

Leading the way for female artists, we've recreated naive flowers on glass from her earliest work, traditional Tehuana lace-like details, and inverted hummingbird talismans in layers of laser cut acrylic.

Designed in London and handmade in Kent, see shimmering gold, sunrise shades of marbled mauves and mirror reds, and metal-like silvers bring the trailblazing work of Kahlo to life.

With a take on accessories similar to our very own roots, this cultural icon would take cheap discoveries and transform them into quintessentially Frida pieces. From the silver-smithery of traditional Mexican jewellery to gifts from fellow Surrealist trailblazers; we’ve recreated the eccentricities of Kahlo’s personal collection in our Frida Kahlo Hand Earrings and Bird Brooch all the way to the metamorphic 3-D masterpiece of our Frida Kahlo Flower Necklace / Headpiece. It’s official: folk art is your new favourite subject.