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NEW IN: Pigs Might Fly

February 05, 2023 - Alice Barnes
NEW IN: Pigs Might Fly

Tatty Devine just launched pastel pig jewellery... “Pfft… Pigs Might Fly.” No for real: our NEW idiom-inspired jewellery collection is HERE! We’ve made pigs fly, dipped into the pickle jar and welcomed back classic motifs from wise magpies to flashy wearable cash!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our Pigs Might Fly Brooch.

Have fun with phonics: our tongue-in-cheek new accessories are laser cut in a saccharine palette. One for our sweet-toothed friends and fans of animal jewellery, tuck into layers of colour-pop acrylic from marbled pinks and shimmering green to glossy recycled acrylic to azure blues and hints of iridescence. 

Fairytale piggies reach dizzy new heights while pearlescent pooches and tortoiseshell pussycats are prepared for a downpour. Put your brollies up, it’s our Raining Cats and Dog Necklace: all about heavy rain and wintery winds, this piece doubles up as an ode to British weather and beloved pets. Perfect for dog parents and cat lovers alike: whatever the weather, layer this piece over a bright knit for guaranteed blue skies.

Look at those smiles: p-update your earring collection with a air of delicate hand-inked pug faces, the Pearl the Pug Earrings. Modelled on Design Assistant Mia-Kitty’s pug, Pearl, take our smokey grey pooch for a walkies today.

Paws-ing at more furry friends: the perfect Valentine’s gift is here. Make them say “oh dam-n” with our Eager Beaver Brooch. Clutching a glossy recycled red heart, pin our cheeky beaver motif against a red mohair knit for a fuzzy date outfit. Looking for more Valentine’s Day present ideas? Let them know “you’re my whole universe” with our Moon and Back Rocket Necklace

Ssssh! Don’t wake our pair of tired tabbies, recreated in silver grey and honey-toned acrylic, tucked inside a little laser-etched and inked hammock. Now you’ve found our purr-fect Cat Nap Necklace, it’s time for forty winks…. 

Next up is unmissable jewellery for cat lovers. We’ve recreated the most inquisitive of animals in layers of silver-flecked and glossy recycled black acrylic for our proverb-inspired Curious Cat Pendant. Inspired by a quizzical feline tail curving question mark, this and-pinned necklace wiggles as you walk.

Style dilemma? Two words: cabachon’d cornichon. Take a bite from our playful gherkin-inspired jewellery, paying a mouth-watering homage to our favourite snack. Sour and salty, our pickles are laser cut in green marble acrylic finished with laser-etched and tasty metallic gold hand-inked detailing.

Swinging in a transparent, cleverly hand-curved jar: set your sights on this big juicy pickle. Our In a Pickle Necklace is best paired with our cheeky In a Pickle Brooch and In a Pickle Earrings. Fancy a Brick Lane salt beef bagel? 

Expecting twins? Just married? We’ve got the perfect celebratory present for double the celebration: reach for our Two for Joy Necklace. Exuding good vibes only with our joyful costume jewellery: gold glitter letters spell ‘joy’. Nestled amongst the letters, our magpies (a symbol of good luck) are best-in-show with white hand-inked plumage - oh, and they're made with 100% recycled acrylic. Fly home with the ultimate monochrome accessories with our coordinating bird earrings

Magpie at heart? Embrace that Midas touch with our metallic Heart of Gold Necklace, a pint-sized anatomical heart recreated in shimmering shades of mirror and burnished acrylic with striking laser-etched accents. Go for gold and treat that special someone to the ultimate unusual Valentine’s Day gift.

We’re ALL about looking AND feeling good! Whether you’re totally Cute As A Button with our pocket-sized pendant - a haberdashery must-have, or your feeling Like A Million Dollars in our etched and hand-inked Tatty Devine million-dollar bill brooch and necklace. You’ll be glowing in layers of glossy recycled and mirror acrylic with our Fresh As A Daisy Pendant and Earrings jewellery set. It’s time to dress how you feel in these ego-boosting accessories. 

Shop Pigs Might Fly online and in our Central London store now, find us at 44 Monmouth Street. Our closest station? Leicester Square. Plan your trip here!

Alice Barnes